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Competition of the Center

XVI International Russian Holocaust Center Competition

“Remembering the Holocaust – Path to tolerance”


The purpose of the competition is to create an environment for pupils, students and teacher in which they can try to develop an intensified knowledge about the history of the Holocaust. In addition, the competition aims to support participants for creation critical, independent and tolerant thinking in order to increase the awareness of the causes and consequences of racism, chauvinism, nationalism and anti-Semitism.


Who can participate?

- pupils from class 8 to 12

- students of colleges and universities

- teachers of secondary schools


How can you participate?

It is possible to participate in different ways. Writing a paper in an academic style or creating poems, stories, novels etc. about the topic. Teachers can submit a whole design of a lesson plan for teaching the topic “Holocaust” in school. The following competition entries are possible:

- research papers

- creative writing and beyond (novels, poems, art, documentaries, multi-media projects, websites)

- journalistic writing (Interview, research in private family history)

- design of a lesson plan (only for teachers) – e.g. lesson plans, description of school activities in school or outside

The competition entries are possible in Russian and English language. The dimensions are not limited.

Submitted entries should have attached the completed application, the title of the competition entry, the name of the author and the address of the place of work and/or study. The whole work hasto be sent by e-mail to or via post directly to the Russian Holocaust Center.



The best three entries will be awarded with a special certificate and prizes and will be suggested for a publication.At the end of January 2017 best authors as well as winners will beinvited for participation in the International Conference “Holocaust: Memory and Prevention”. Students – winners and authors of the best papers at the conference have been invited for making a presentation of their works at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris in summer for already 11 years.


Period and rules of the competition

Competition entries can be sent to the Russian Holocaust Center until 10th of November 2016.

Entries who are incomplete will be seen as not submitted.

The announcement of the competition winners will be in December 2016. The award ceremony will be held on the 27th of January 2017.




The Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center

Sadovnicheskaya St. 52/45

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Научно-просветительный Центр “Холокост”

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Application form

Application of the 16th International Russian Holocaust Center Competition – “Remembering theHolocaust – Path to tolerance”

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