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Tenth Annual Russian Holocaust Essay Laureates Received by UNESCO

03 2014

UNESCO, Paris, 3 July
This university Holocaust essay competition programme, co-organized by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre-Europe, (CSW), the Association Verbe et Lumière-Vigilance (VL-V) and the Russian Holocaust Centre (RHC), each year. invites to Paris the five student winners from across the former Soviet. Union, to present their research findings at UNESCO.
The 2014 laureates from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Orel in Russia and Vitebsk in Belarus were chosen from almost 3,000 submissions.
Attended by the Delegations of Russia, Belarus, Canada, Germany and Israel, the proceedings were opened by Genc Seiti, Director of the UNESCO Division for National Commissions and Civil Society. He commended the laureates' initiative for, not only keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust in Russia, but contributing to respect, tolerance and human rights worldwide.¬oc=1

Training for the Pedagogues at the House of the Wannsee Conference (HWC)

10 2014

May 10.
The educational seminar in Berlin for Russian and Belarusian teachers brought together 14 teachers from 11 regions of Russia (Moscow, Kaliningrad, Kostroma, Kirov, Taganrog, Tambov, Tver, Smolensk and Republics of Buryatia, Kalmykia and Mordovia) and one from Grodno (Belarus) selected by the Russian Holocaust Center.
At the beginning of the seminar, the participants were introduced to the exhibition of the HWC, with an emphasis on its pedagogical aspects. Afterwards they worked with the documents from the HWC archive. This was followed by a tour to the Jewish Museum of Berlin.
On the next day the teachers worked with schoolchildren at a Berlin Secondary School. The aim was to improve the teachers’ skills in group- and project-working. Regarding to the Holocaust theme, the result of the work should have been the erection of a memorial at the schoolyard, devoted to the fate of former Jewish pupils expelled from the school in the 1930s.
Back in the museum, the participants listened to the lecture of the museum’s deputy director Dr. Wolf Kaiser about memorials in Berlin.
An exercise testing the participants’ knowledge about the Holocaust was offered by Elisabeth Griglevski and Tatiana Manykina.
On May 7, the teachers continued working in groups with documents and photographs of the museum’s archive and prepared lectures about the problems connected with it.
In the afternoon there was conducted a memorial ceremony at the former train station Grunewald, wherefrom Jews were deported to death camps or places of extermination at the Soviet territory.
On May 8, the pedagogues went to the museum “Topography of Terror” and the Russian-German Museum at Berlin-Karlshorst, both located at places imbued with historical importance.
Then, they visited the museum of the former concentration camp Sachsenhausen and on the Victory Day, dome of the Reichstag.

St. Petersburg. Discussion Forum “Human Rights and the Holocaust in Documentary Cinema”

29 2014

April 29.
The two-day discussion forum “Human Rights and the Holocaust in Documentary Cinema” was organized by the Russian Holocaust Center together with the International Institute of Banking and the St. Petersburg Academy for Post-Graduate Pedagogical Education. The Commission for Education of St. Petersburg City supported the forum.
Approximately 180 pedagogues, students and pupils from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Leningrad and Murmansk area, Kaliningrad, Novgorod and Pskov attended the event.

Memorial Evening for the Holocaust Victims held at the Moscow theater at Nikitski Gates.

24 2014

April 24.
President of the Holocaust Foundation Alla Gerber, co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman, and the former ghetto prisoner and active participant in the Center’s activities Mr. Victor Gecht took part in the lighting of memorial candles as a part of the memorial evening. It was held at the initiative of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Russia and conducted on April 24 at the theater at the Nikitsky gates in Moscow.
At the event there were also lighted memorial candles: the Israeli Ambassador to Russia Mrs. Dorit Golender, the Chef Rabbi of Russia Berl Lasar, the Chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinkhas Goldschmidt, the President of the Russian-Jewish Congress Yury Kanner and the evening moderator, the theater’s producer, Mark Rosovsky. The evening came to an end with the premier of a theater performance of the Israeli project “Orto-Da” – “STONES”. See the broadcast of the First Channel of the Russian TV at:

Evening devoted to the victims of the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust victims

22 2014

April 22.
Every April Jews and Armenians all over the world carry out memorial evenings devoted to Holocaust victims and the heroes of the resistance. This takes place on April 19, the day of the Warsaw uprising in 1943 and on April 24, the day that marks the Armenian genocide in 1915.
In Moscow the event was carried out on April 22 at the N.A. Nekrasov library. It was the first time that it was organized by the Russian Holocaust Center, the Armenian Culturul and Educational Society “Ararat” and the Moscow-based “Russian-Armenian Commonwealth”. The evening was supported by Moscow government
Attempts of a “Final solution” of the Armenian question in Ottoman Turkey and the liquidation of the European Jewry by Nazi Germany led to the murder of more than 1.5 million Armenians and 6 Million Jews.
Public and political figures attended the event; in the artistic section there were classical musical works of composers from different countries.
Part of the event included the opening of the personal exhibition of the young artist from Gjumri (Armenia) Vachagan Pogosjan. It was devoted to the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust.

Notions of the Russian Holocaust Center proposed to the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs

14 2014

April 14.
The co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman attended a meeting with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, with representatives of internationally-oriented Russian NGOs. Mr. Lavrov stated that “the connivance of neo-Nazi development – in the Ukraine or in other states – bears obvious danger for the European stability. In this connection we are paying special attention to the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and all dates preceding it. (…)”
Ilya Altman made some concrete proposals, which gained encouraging comments from the Minister: to give a state award to the organizer of the Sobibor uprising (1943) A. Pechersky (posthumously); to introduce a National Remembrance Day for the Victims of the Holocaust and liberating Soldiers in Russia; to draw the attention of the international audience to the 10 years anniversary of the tragedy at Beslan.

Russian Holocaust Center: gratitude to Russian Protestants

13 2014

April 13.
Ilya Altman spoke at an assembly held in the Central church of Evangelical Christian Baptists in Moscow. It was dedicated to the ways to counteract to neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism.
The co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center thanked the Russian Protestants for their active participation in erecting memorials commemorating Holocaust victims as a part of the project “Returning dignity”.

Professor Yehuda Bauer spoke about the variety of the Holocaust in Yad Vashem

06 2014

06th April 2014

Today the famous Israeli Professor Yehuda Bauer spoke about genocides and the Holocaust as a part of the workshop of Russian teachers in Yad Vashem. After his lecture the participants asked questions. Dr. Ilya Altman, Co-Director of the Russian Holocaust Center, presented to Professor Bauer the current Issue of the bulletin “Holocaust”. Afterwards the teachers presented educational methods to teach the Holocaust in school

Lectures about the Holocaust on the territory of the Soviet Union and about the Righteous Among the Nations were held by members of the Russian Holocaust Center

03 2014

03rd April 2014

On the workshop for Russian teachers Ilya Altman held a lecture about the Holocaust on the territory of the Soviet Union and Kiril Feferman spoke about the Righteous Among the Nations.

Educational Workshop for Russian teachers about the Holocaust has started in Israel

31 2014

31st March 2014

20 teachers from 17 areas of Russia got together in Yad Vashem to increase their knowledge about the Holocaust. The participants will be educated in a two–week workshop. After the presentation of the participants the director of the educational program Masha Pollack-Rosenberg spoke introducing words about the workshop. On the first day Dr. Ilya Lurie (Hebrew University Jerusalem) spoke about the life of Jews between the Middle and Modern Age. Dr. Mordechai Yoshkovsky (Bar-Ilan-University) illustrated the situation of Yiddish culture and language. Dr. Arkady Seltzer (Yad Vashem) held a lecture about Soviet Jews between the two world wars. The workshop will be held until 9th April 2014.

Dr. Ilya Altman, Co-Chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center will hold two lectures one about the Holocaust on the territory of the Soviet Union and one about the memorization of the Holocaust in Russia in the next two weeks.

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