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Lessons of Simon Wiesenthal – international meeting in Tallinn

29 2009

The international Media-Club “Impressum” organized a meeting in Tallinn on July 27th. The topic of the meeting was the remembrance of Simon Wiesenthal and his work of legal persecuting Nazi-Perpetrators.

 The meeting included the presentation of the Russian version of the book “Anti-Semitism: The Generic of Hatred. Essays in remembrance of Simon Wiesenthal”, which was published by the initiative of the UNESCO. The Co-Chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center, Dr. Ilya Altman contributed Simon Wiesenthal’s historical fairness during his speech in Tallinn.
 Due to that, Ilya Altman talked about the lessons of the Holocaust. He underlined the danger of the repeating of history and the importance of fighting Xenophobia and Racism.
Next to Dr. Ilya Altman, Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel took part in the meeting. He talked about the different working fields of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and about the succeeds of the last years of fighting racist activities in different countries.
Zuroff criticized the position of the Baltic stated, which have not condemned even one single person who had committed crimes during the time of WWII, during the time of there independence. He even criticized the equalizing of the national socialist and the communist regimes, what some politicians of the Baltic States are doing. “This puts the attention away from the collaboration with the Nazis of the people during the time of the war”, did he say.
 The meeting got a lot of attention from the mass media, a lot of reporters listened to the conference in the Tallinn “Olümpia” Hotel.

UNESCO Honours Russian Holocaust Essay Laureates

08 2009

 Paris, 8 July 2009 
 UNESCO, together with the French educational foundation Verbe et Lumière  – Vigilance (VetL), co-sponsored the Fifth Annual Russian University Holocaust Essay Competition at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. 
 The winners are, each year, invited to Paris to present their papers.  This year, over 700 submissions arrived from all over the former Soviet Union, to be judged by the competition coordinator, the Russian  Holocaust Centre (RHC) in Moscow.  The session was co-chaired by RHC Director, Dr Ilya Altman, and, on behalf of VetL, Dr Shimon Samuels.  UNESCO Director-General, Koïchiro Matsuura, spoke of the 2007 Resolution  61 as the basis for the Organization's global promotion of Holocaust  education. He committed UNESCO's continued support under future  administrations.  War criminal investigator, Beate Klarsfeld, responded with a description  of her German childhood visit to 1943 Nazi-occupied Poland, as formative
 in her career, adding the importance of transmission of such memories  with the endorsement of UNESCO.  The student laureates presented abstracts of their work: 
 -Yekaterina Zamarina, a blind student at Sillamae University, Estonia,  Institute of Economics and Management, on "The History of the Holocaust  in Estonia";
 - Anna Mitrushina, of St. Petersburg Herzen University, Faculty of
 Social Sciences, on "Teaching the Holocaust in Russian High Schools"
 - Alena Samsonova, of Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, Faculty of
 Engineering Mechanics, on "Holocaust Denial in Russia"  - Bella Khayzens, of Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University, on  "Holocaut Semiotics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
 Photo 1 – Pictured at the ceremony are, from left to right:  Front row: Dr Graciela Vaserman Samuels (UNESCO), Director-General  Koichiro Matsuura, Beate Klarsfeld.  Back row: The four Russian laureates, Dr Ilya Altman, Alexander Kaplan,
 Dr Shimon Samuels, UNESCO Education Director Dr Quian Tang, Simon  Kaplan, Anna Kaplan. Present but not visible were Tania Klarsfeld and Dr  Eliane Corrin;
 Photo 2 – The Russian edition of the book, "Antisemitism – The Generic  Hatred. Essays in Memory of Simon Wiesenthal", was given to US  Delegation member, Esther Coopersmith, for First Lady Michele Obama.  Also in the picture: US Charge at UNESCO Stephen Engelken, Dr Graciela  Vaserman Samuels, Dr Shimon Samuels

International Conference about proprietary aspects of the Holocaust in Prague

30 2009

June 26th – 30th. International Conference about proprietary aspects of the Holocaust in Prague


The international conference took place in Prague and there took part more than 550 people from 49 countries. There participants were diplomats, directors of different Holocaust-museums in Europe and the USA and different historians.


The russian delegation amongst others consisted of the president of the Russian Holocaust-Fond, Alla Gerber, the co-chairman of the russian Holocaustcenter, Dr. Ilya Altman and the president of the international cultural cooparation, Michail Shvydkoj.

Michail Shvydkov talked in his lecture about the importance of the Sovjet Union during the second Worldwar and that this role is often forgotten in these days.

Dr. Ilya Altman said, that this is a reason, why the Holocaustcenter is working on an Encyclopedia about the Holocaust on the territory of the USSR.


International Conference for Schoolchildren in Brest

29 2009

      In Brest (Belarus), at the 9th International Annual Conference for Schoolchildren “Holocaust: Remembrance and Warning”, 16 school students from large and small cities of Russia (Moscow, Moscow Region, Samara and Tobolsk), Ukraine (Kremenets and Donetsk), Moldova (Beltsy) and Belarus (Mir, Smilovichi, Pinsk, Kalinkovichi and Brest) made presentations and visited the Brest Fortress at dawn on June 22, the State Archive of Brest Region and Holocaust sites.
    The organizer and head of all nine conferences, Ilya Altman, co-chair of the Holocaust Center, noted the much higher technical level of the presentations and films. Participants from Moldova were attending the conference for the first time. Prominent scholars were present at the opening of the conference: the head of the Ukrainian Center for the Study of the History of the Holocaust, Anatoly Podolsky, and director of the Jewish Resistance Museum in Novogrudka, Tamara Vershitskaya. As always, the meeting with the only surviving former minor prisoner of the Brest Ghetto, writer Roman Levin, made a very strong impression on the participants in the conference.
    Alexander Sidorkin, a 10th grade student from Tobolsk (Russia), who devoted his presentation to the antifascist struggle in Germany and whose trip to Brest took three days, admitted that before the conference he “only had a general idea about the Holocaust”.
-    I became acquainted with Roman Levin, the “boy from the ghetto”. The atmosphere at the conference was very well-wishing. I was deeply moved by the ceremony at the Brest Fortress on June 22. I learned a lot at the conference. That is why we have to speak at conferences and compete for a chance to come to Brest!”
Dr.Altman pointed out that the next 10th Conference will take place during the year of the 65th Victory Anniversary and that the number of participating countries will hopefully be expanded.


Opening of the Anne-Frank Exhibition in the Holocaust Center, Moscow.

15 2009

June, 15th. The exhibition, coming from the Anne Frank house, Amsterdam, has had great success in different parts of Ukraine, as well as in some schools in Moscow. Now it is open for everyone in the Holocaustcenter until the middle of July.
On the opening, there were different guests, like members of the Dutch and German Embassy, as well as from the Embassy of Israel. Due to that, Dr Ilya Altman and the organizer of this exhibition, Ksenia Shiryaeva had a speech.
After the opening-ceremony, a student from one of the Moscow-schools guided the visitors through the exhibition. This is the plan of this pilot project. Students get qualified as guides to show their classmates the exhibition afterwards.

Opening of the Anne Frank exhibition in the Holocaust Center

09 2009

 On Monday, 15th of June, the Anne Frank exhibition, given as a loan from the Anne Frank Foundation, Amsterdam, will be opened.

The exhibition is catered to students and provides different insights to the topic of the Holocaust and the events during the Nazi-rule in Germany.

Members of the Dutch and  Israeli Embassy will take part in the opening.

Teachers-seminar at Yad Vashem

29 2009

 From May 18th to 28th a seminar was organized in the international memorial Center Yad Vashem, Jeruslem. The seminar was made for 13 Russian teachers and students on the topic “teaching the topic of The Holocaust”.

The participants were accompanied by 19 pedagogues of Russian universities and members of well-known Russian publishing houses from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad and others.

The teachers had many talks and discussions with theses pedagogues and with co-workers of Yad Vashem on different ways of teaching the topic of The Holocaust.

After the seminar, all teachers said that the new methods they have learned on the seminar, will help them a lot for teaching this topic in the future.



Tribute to Fyodor Sverdlov

24 2009

On May 24, a meeting in memory of Fyodor Sverdlov (1921-2002), the historian of Jewish heroism in World War II, for the first time ever took place in Israel in the conference hall of the The Museum of the Military History and Jewish Military Tradidtion  "The  Energy of Virility" This meeting was organized by the The Museum of the Military History and Jewish Military Tradidtion "The  Energy of Virility" Israel, Handera (director – David Zelvensky) and the Research and Educational Holocaust Center (Russia, Moscow, co-chair Ilya Altman and regional representative in Israel Gregory Reikhman). Such events have become traditional in the Research and Educational Holocaust Center in Moscow.
The meeting was opened by the head of The Museum of the Military History and Jewish Military Tradidtion  "The  Energy of Virility" David Zelvensky.
Ilya Altman spoke about the important impact of Fyodor Sverdlov’s works on the research and publishing activities of the Holocaust Center and Foundation. The same idea was conveyed by Boris Wiesman, an activist of the museum and World War II veteran and author of books about the heroes of this war, including “I Must Tell You About This”; and also by other speakers.
On May 29, the second round of the International Tribute to Jewish Heroism and Resistance during the Holocaust in memory of Professor Fyodor Sverdlov took place.
War veteran Miron Manilov and Fyodor Sverdlov’s colleague at Frunze Academy, retired colonel Anatoly Vainer, and Alla Gerber, president of Holocaust Foundation, shared their memories about the life and work of Fyodor Sverdlov
Ilya Altman, co-chair of the Holocaust Center, examined the theme of the participation of Jews in WW II as presented in the works of Fyodor Sverdlov and described the tribute to his memory in Israel. The audience received the following reports with much interest: “Holocaust and the participation of Jews in the war in Soviet feature films” by Prof. Olga Gershenzon (USA). A professor from Massachusetts University; “Holocaust and resistance in the Transnistria Ghetto” by Prof. Alexander Trachtenberg, former ghetto prisoner; “The subject of the Jewish Resistance in museums and  school curricula in Russia» by Leonid Pyatetsky, head of Holocaust Center’s Educational Programs; and “New documents about the participation of Jews in the war” by Leonid Terushkin, head of Holocaust Center’s Archive. S.D.Dodik described with much emotion his personal experience of participating in the partisan movement in the Ukraine. At this event, an exhibition of books by Fyodor Sverdlov was displayed.
Text and photo: Gregory Reikhman

Marathon of remembrance

24 2009

   On April, 24th, the Holocaust Center organized a “Marathon of remembrance” for the students of Moscow in the synagogue on the Poklonnaya Gora in the Victory Park.
The students hat the possibility to talk and listen to a Survivor of the Minsk Ghetto, to a member of the Partisans and to a “Righteous among the Nations”.
Due to that, the Co-Chairman of the Russian Research and Educational Center, Dr. Ilya Altman, gave guided tours through the museum and Alla Gerber talked about her own history as well as about the question “ a whole nation could believe, that the reason for all evil was the Jewish people”. Many students were very touched by her words and by the choir that sang songs from different nations and countries.
“We and our children have the duty to remember what happened in the past and to fight every kind of new Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Racism”, said Dr. Ilya Altman.
On this day, nearly 300 students had the possibility

The Russian Review about "The Unknown Black Book"

06 2009

"Joshua Rubinstein and Ilya Altman have edited a thoroughly engaging volume on the destruction of Jews in the German-controlled Soviet territories from 1941 to 1944.  Neither a textbook nor a straight chronological account, The Unknown Black Book presents a rich history of the implementation of the “Final Solution” on Soviet soil.  The core of the book is ninety three documents, almost half of them testimonies of Jewish survivors..."
From the article of mr. Kiril Feferman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"The Russian Review",68, 1 (2009), pp. 168-169

("The Russian Review" is a major academic journal of Russian studies. It publishes scholarly articles and book reviews in the areas of history, literature, film, fine arts, culture, society, and politics of the peoples of Russia. The journal appears quarterly and is available by subscription through Wiley Periodicals, Inc. The editorial offices are located at The University of Kansas.)

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