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Soiree at the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Moscow House of Cinema

24 2012

24th January 2012. On the eve of the International Holocaust Day a commemorative evening in the House of Cinema was organized by the Israeli embassy in Moscow and Fund the Center Holocaust, It was opened by the Israeli ambassador, followed by a prayer for the deceased and the 83rd Psalm by high religious representatives. The ceremony was also attended by  the  Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov and the Board of Fund and Center "Holocaust" Alla Gerber and Ilya Altman as well as  by the winners of the 10th Holocaust competition.

The Israelian filmmaker Boris Mafzir  presented his film "On the path of forgotten remembrance" about the Yad Vashem Shoah victims Names Recovery Project  to collect the names of murdered Jews. The Secretary General of  the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAEK) Prof. Mikhail Chlenov stated at this occasion "For us it is absolutely essential that in Russia as in the entire civilized world, the International Day of Holocaust victims will be officially recognized. In Russia, a significant number of Jews  were killed, and there are hundreds of places of mass killing such as the Snake Canyon near Rostov.  A national  holiday should be introduced to commemorate the Holocaust victims, as it exists in other countries. This could be a protection against anti-semitism and xenophobia, which would be far from being superfluous. "

Tel Aviv: Presentation of the film "On the path of forgotten remembrance"

23 2012

23th January 2012. The representative of the Russian Holcaust Center in Israel, Gregory Reikhman attended the premiere of the movie "On the path of forgotten remembrance".
The Director of the Russian Cultural Center, Professor Alexander Kryukov stressed the role of the Russian Holocaust Center as an active and competent partner of Yad Vashem, which contributes its part in preserving the memory and transferring the truth about WW II and the Holocaust to the next generation.

Results of the 10th International Competition "Lessons of the Holocaust – a path to tolerance"

16 2012

 16th January 2012. 1775 students, teachers and students from 12 countries and 71 regions of Russia. participated in the 10th international competition.The winners were invited to Moscow.
In the group of students the winner were:
Aleksandra Abramovna (Chernivtsi / Ukraine) with a study on "The Romanian version of the Holocaust - the strategy of expulsion." Supervising teacher: Natalia W. Abramovna.
Mariya Vasilyeva (Pskov region) with the contribution "E I. Ivanova – Boris Kaminarov’s second mother". Supervising Teacher: Olga S. Grigoryeva
Mark Sajfutdinov (Orenburg) with the contribution"An attempt to analyze the poem" Kaddish "by A. Galich. Supervising teacher: Lidiya A.Saiganova
In the group of university students the winners were:
Anna Arsenova (Rostov-on-Don) with "The Tragedy of the Snake Canyon and the preservation of historical memory. Supervising Professor: Sergey A. Špagin,
Julia Bachir (Vitebsk / Belarus) with "The Vitebsk Ghetto during the Great Patriotic War." Supervising Professor: Rostislav V.Timofeyev
Mariya Gileva (Arkhangelsk) " Staying apart ? The attitude of the American society towards the catastrophy of 1933-45." Supervising Professor: Alexey E. Field
In the group of teachers the winners were Oksana V. Zarubina (Nishevartovsk) with "Memory of the Holocaust - way to tolerance" Olga L.Stepanova, (Ivanovo) and "Silent witnesses" in Webquest format JelenaV. Hodsher (Nikolaevsk-on-Amur) with "Arts behind the barbed wire fence"/The winner in the group with creative approaches were:
Julia Rubin (Zarajsk-Moscow region) "Eternal memory to the victims of the Holocaust." Supervising Teacher: Raisa N. Schtiff
Aleksandra Stolyarova (Saransk, Mordvinian Republic) with the story "The Nameless. Supervising teacher: Ludmila V. Tarasova.

Representative of the Holocaust Centre in Israel among the award winners of the website of the Association of concentration camps and ghetto survivors in Israel"

13 2012

13th January 2012. Among the 80 authors who regularly contribute to the website, 11 authors were awarded with the support of the Genesis Fund. among whom is also the representative of the Russian Holocaust center in Israel, Gregory Reikhman.

Former Nazi-prisoners congratulate Alla Gerber 3th January 2012

03 2012

The chairman of the “Association of concentration camps and ghetto survivors in Israel," Gita Koifman and her deputy, Dr Sergey Sushon sent a telegram congratulating Alla Gerber to her 80th anniversary : "In your person we welcome one of the founders and leading personalities of the Holocaust Fund: We in Israel are always aware of the positive results of your activities, particularly in your cooperation with the organizations of former prisoners in Israel. Thanks to you we are always well informed about the events in Russia, the resistance against anti-Semitism and xenophobia, Holocaust denial and revisionism of the results of the 2nd WW. We watch permanentely, the activities at the museum on the Poklonnaya hill dedicated to the Holocaust and the heroism of the Soviet Jewry
We know you as a co-author of the first Russian textbook on "The History of the Holocaust on the territory of the USSR" which provoked a wave of anti-semitic outbreaks, when it appeared in 2001 in an edition of 1,000 copies. You are one of the leading personalities of the anti-fascist movement in Russia, which played a crucial role in the destruction of German National
Socialism. Every year you are accompanied by Russian teachers coming to Israel in order to study not only the history of the Holocaust and Jewish resistance, but also getting to know our country and leaving it as friends of Israel. We are pleased that you very recently awarded with commemorative medal of the 65th Anniversary of the victory over Nazism . You deserve this award for your devotion to,keep alive the memory of the war, the Holocaust and the rebirth of our people. You will soon receive a gift from Fund and Center Holocaust the book "Born to suffer?" published by the "Helping Hand Coalition" Please accept, dear Alla Efremova once again my regard: at the occasion of your birthday I wish you much health, well-being and success in your broad commitment.

The Holocaust Center presents new teaching material about the Righteous among the Nations

01 2012

With the beginning year the Holocaust Centre provides Russian teachers with new teaching material edited by I.A. Altman and D.I. Poltorak. 56 page-long package “The Righteous in Russia, 1941-1945” published by “Russkoe Slovo” Publishing House in late 2011, consists of a collection of documents and methodological recommendations. The first part includes documents and eyewitness reports, cards and photographies, 31 reports either by the rescuers or the rescued people and a description and photos of the Righteous medals and documents.

The second part presented in a form of a brochure offers methodological recommendations for the use of the package.

The volume includes documents and photographs featuring the most outstanding stories how Russsian citizens saved Jews. They are followed by documents describing the rescued Jews who lived or still live in Russia and cover all Russian regions occupied during the war.

Copies can be ordered at

Russia celebrates the International Day of Remembrance of Holocaust victims

30 2011

30th December 2011. In the context of Holocaust memorization on 24th January a memorial event will be held in the house of film in attendence of the Ambassador of Israel, Dorit Golender and Co-chairmen of the Holocaust Center I. A.Altman. There will be shown the documentary film by Boris Mafzirfilm about the Yad Vashem project "On the path of forgotten remembrance" . This project consists in the search for witnesses from various countries remembering the names of people who perished in the shoah. The documents will be collected and controlled by historians at Yad Vashem:as many names as possible should find their place on the walls in the hall of names.

The 10th International Holocaust Competition: first results

25 2011

25th December 2011. In  the 10th international competition 1775  students, teachers and university students from 12 countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Krygystan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Estonia) took part. Submissions  from Russia came from71 of the 83 regions, most of them from city and region Moscow.

A record could be reached with the methodological contributions by teachers, almost half a thousand submissions, not only devoted to the subject but also providing practical experience  Among the students (936) submissions creative approaches predominated  such as essays and drawings.
University student sent 347 contributions:the main award consists in a visit at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The winners will be invited on 25 January for the international holocaust memorial day in Moscow.
Starting from now contributions for the next competition can be submitted: more than 80 have already been sent.

The issue “Holocaust in Russia” is on mind in Japan too

20 2011

20th December 2011. During a stay in Japan Ilya Altman lectured at the Rikkyo and Wasseda Universitya  about research and study of the holocaust in Russia and informed about new documents of the Russian  ministry of foreign affairs concerning the transit of  Jewish refugees 1940-41.
The deputy director of the archives of the JapaneseMinistry of ForeignAffairs, Maasaki Schiriaschi, author of a recent monograph on Tiune Sugichare, a Japanese diplomat and Righteous among the Nations and a specialist for the foreign policy of Lithuania and Japan  before the second World War II contributed a co-lecture..
The first Russian-Japanese Seminar on Holocaust was organized by Prof. Takao Suzuki and David Wolf, experts for the history of Jews in the Middle East and  Japanese-Russian relations.

President of the Holocaust Fund, Alla Gerber meets leading members of the of the Israeli Union of Soldiers and Guerrilla Fighters - Invalids of the War Against Nazis,

19 2011

 19th December 2011. The press secretary of the association and editor of the Russian edition of the "Voice of the Invalids of War “, Moshe Spitzburg led the visitor through the exhibition" 17 000 – who will live forever " which consists of 17 000 photographs of members of the association from the war and the postwar period.
Alla Gerber informed the president of the association, Roman Jagel, extensively about the activities of the Holocaust Fund and Center, stressing the long lasting ties of friendship and common work and the joint efforts in memorizing holocaust and Jewish heroism during World War II and fighting against the falsification of history.
Roman Jagel and his deputy Savely Kliner presented an Israeli commemorative medal of the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazism to Alla Gerber.

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