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Zhirinovsky and the Holocaust - a dangerous game with words

02 2012

2 March 2012
In  a programmatic essay  "What is good for  the Russian people  is good for  all”, published  on 1 March in the "Russian newspaper", the  presidential candidate and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party suggested  to found  in our country an “Institute of the Russian Holocaust in the Twentieth Century"  The co-chairman of the Holocaust Centre, Ilya Altman commented this: "This proposal is not without a certain comedy, when the "son of a lawyer" ends his essay with the remark that he does not accept foreign words" (such as constitution, president, etc). However the application of the term" Holocaust " to the death of millions of people in our country after 1918 is as unscientific as the application of the concept to the American Indians, "It must be pointed out that “at the end of the 1990s, Zhirinovsky named the day of Holocaust remembrance a strange holiday and refused a moment of silence for the victims. He, unlike other presidential candidates, rejected the RJCs suggestion to include the demand establishing a commemoration day for the Holocaust victims and liberators in his election manifesto.  For us there is no reason to be pleased that this term, having been introduced 20 years ago was now abused such an absurd manner.”

First results of the 2012 project group "Restoring dignity”

28 2012

28 February 2012
The first working group meeting took place in the framework of the Christian-Jewish dialogue in the Memorial Synagogue at the Poklonnaya hill. The chairman of the Eben-Ezer Fund in Russia, Yuri Vasyukov, presented the research results on the memorialization of the Holocaust in Russia  carried out by Protestant organizations in Russia
With regard to the erection of the monument in Lubavitch he stresses the success of education programs, which are carried out jointly with the Museum and Holocaust Centre  including a stay of a group of Protestant teachers in Yad Vashem.
One of the most important tasks to be he expected the Russian Protestants’  participation in the construction of Holocaust memorials in Russia, the expansion of international cooperation and the continuation of educational projects.
In this context, the project of installing plaques at the grave sites was presented, followed by a discussion how to involve young people in the project. Ilya Altman who advises the REK on issues of the Holocaust, outlined the coming tasks for 2012: The establishment of an "Avenue of the Righteous" in Lubavitch, the organization of commemorative events in Smolensk and Rostov and  the erection of a memorial of the executions in Mineralnye Vody, later a clip of  a new documentary film on this subject were shown.
The director of the museum fund, Natalia Anisina reported on a new distance learning project for Russian Protestants, which is realized together with the Holocaust Center
The meeting was attended by staff members of the Museum and the Holocaust Center and representatives of the main Protestant churches in Moscow and Petersburg, the “Association of former Ghetto Prisoners and War Veterans.

The "Baton of Remembrance”: the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) and the Holocaust Center present a new method to collect the names of Holocaust victims

22 2012

22 February 2012
The REK addressed an appeal to the heads of the secular and religious Jewish organizations, the regional cultural self-governments, welfare organizations and Jewish schools and rabbis, to collect the names of Holocaust victims to be handed over to Yad Vashem. This should include non Jewish witnesses who shall be  asked about the names of their Jewish friends, colleagues and neighbors.
This action is suggested to be a part of the "Baton of Remembrance," which is carried out jointly with the Holocaust Center and   the project of names of “Yad Vashem.”  It is planned to show  the film "On the trail of forgotten remembrance"  and to establish  initiative groups in the regions. In preparing the recommendations for the implementation of these measures pedagogues, local historians, staff of museums and archives and representatives of veterans and other social and religious organizations will be consulted.
It is suggested that results will be handed to Yad Vashem at the Memorial  Day of  the Jewish Victims of Nazism and the Heroes of the Resistance “(Yom Shoah)  which will be the 19 April this year
For the implementation of the "Baton of Remembrance" the RJC provides funds  in the amount of 150 000 rubles  in order to support commemorative projects and publications on the Holocaust in the Russian Federation.

The representative of the Holocaust Center informs former ghetto prisoners in Israel about memorial projects

22 2012

22 February 2012
Gregory Reikhman attended  the 20th anniversary of the founding of Ashkelon Organization of former prisoners “Zichron Shoah "(Holocaust memory)  where he was awarded  with the certificate of  the All-Israeli organization" Survivors of concentration camps and ghettos "for his publications on the Holocaust  and Jewish heroism.
G. Reikhman informed the participants about the projects of the Russian Holocaust Center e.g. about the joint project with the REK "Restoring dignity". He commented on the "Snake canyon"  case and stated that the well-informed former prisoners   show solidarity  in the struggle for the restoration of historical justice  with the Russian Jews and particularly with the Jewish Community of Rostov.

Correspondence courses of the Holocaust Center

19 2012

19 February 2012
A special education project was launched by the Moscow Holocaust Center and the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Holocaust especially for Russian Protestants. Already in 2011,  25 representatives of the Union of Evangelical Christians (Baptists) participated in a correspondence course and submitted their theses:  in December 2011, 15 of them attended  a  weekly seminar at the Yad Vashem International School of.
This year a correspondence course for residents from Moscow and the cities of the Golden Ring was organized. On 12 and 19 February, students were handed out study materials,  and Ilya Altman and Natalia Anisina  gave an introduction to the topic.
Three graduates of the last seminar reported on their impressions. As topic for the course paper was proposed "Resistance against Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia in Russia and the experiences of the Holocaust" .
In the first half of 2012, another group of Russian Protestants will participate in a correspondence course.

The archive of the Holocaust Center asks for support in the search for fallen Jewish soldiers

17 2012

17 February 2012
The coordinator of the search program of the Moscow Holocaust Center, Elena Shilinskaya, requests the relatives of fallen Jewish soldiers in WW  II to  help in the collecting  names. The current status of the search can be found at the address
For any questions,  please address  the head of the Archives of the Holocaust Centre, Leonid Terushkin ( or the representative of the Holocaust Center in Israel, Gregory Reikhman (reikhman@yahoo).

Seminars in Yaroslavl and Kostroma

16 2012

15 -16 February
For the first time, a seminar on Holocaust was held at the Pedagogical University Yaroslavl by Ilya Altman and Natalya Anisina  (Moscow Holocaust Museum). Aleksandr Yermakov, (Yaroslavl University) spoke about the presentation of the subject in German schoolbooks. A round table discussion was attended by 30 participants. Marina Yarosh, a graduate of the Holocaust Center’s trainings at “Yad Vashem” reported about her teaching experience.
Ilya Altman’s lecture about Holocaust denial was followed with great attendance by the students of the Historical Faculty.
In the evening a meeting took place with the active members of the Jewish community of Vladimir, where a joint project of the RJC and the Holocaust Center and the Yad Vashem documentation project “Shoah victims’ names recovery project " during which Boris Mafzir’s film "On the trail of lost remembrance“ was shown and the  Moscow guests got the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Yaroslavl.
A similar program was held on 16 February in the Kostroma region with lectures by I. Altman and the staff of  the local university.
At a meeting with Rabbi Nisson-Mendl Ruppo in the Kostroma synagogue the project of the "Baton of Memory" was discussed. The Moscow visitors admired unique exhibits  form the  war   and Ilya Altman suggested the creation  of a virtual museum  to make the exhibits accessible outside of Kostroma.
The seminars were sponsored by the President of the Russian Federation and the Claims Conference.

Training seminar on Holocaust in Vladimir

04 2012

4 February 2012
The Moscow Holocaust Center with support from the “Institute for employees in education “in the Vladimir region, organized a seminar for about 40 teachers from the region on "Lessons of WW2 - the overcoming of ethnic stereotypes and tolerance education". Ilya Altman introduced new approaches in teaching and informed about the Holocaust Center’ activities. Prof. Elena Petrovich (Vladimir State-University) presented the results of her work on the subject, and Elena Shakhova, teacher and supporter of the Center  told about her teaching experiences.  A Round Table discussed problems of teaching of the Holocaust in the Vladimir region.
On 5 February, Prof Altman delivered a lecture at the State University of Vladimir.

Israeli and Russian archivists look back on 25 years of co-operation on Holocaust

01 2012

1 February 2012
A Round Table "Archivists from Russia and Israel  - 25 Years of Cooperation on Holocaust: Results and Perspectives" was held at the initiative of the Russian Holocaust Center with the  participation of  the Deputy Head of the Federal Archives Administration, Vladimir Tarasov, the cultural attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Russia, Jaffa Olovitzky and the Assistant to the Genesis Program at “Yad Vashem”, Tatyana Manusova. The nearly 25-year co-operation of archivists of the two countries was highly appreciated by all participants who expressed their hope for a  further successful  cooperation.

Alla Gerber, President of the Holocaust Fund against Shirinovski in TV discussion about the national question in Russia

30 2012

30 January 2012
Alla Gerber took part in a discussion organized by Rossya 1 about the national question in Russia. She sharply criticized Zhirinovski’s statements by emphasizing the necessity and great importance of law and the respect of the rights and dignity of all nationalities: this should be the basis and unifying element for all peoples of the Russian Federation.

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