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Memorial event dedicated to the Sobibor uprising

14 2012

14th October 2012
On 14th October a commemorative event, honoring the heroes of the Sobibor uprising, took place in the Synagogue at the Poklonnaya Hill, organized by the Russian Jewish Committee (RJC) and the Holocaust Center.
At this occasion the claim to award the leader of the uprising, Aleksandr Petcherski, with the title of  a ?eroe of Russiawas repeated.
The Holocaust Center was represented by I. Altman and L Terushkin lecturing on the events: I. Altman reported on recently declassified documents on the history of the uprising in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense-
On  the photo: Ilya Altman and Leonid Terushkin lecturing.
Graphic portrait of Alexander Pechersky after photographs from the mid 60's by a former student of the Institute of Culture of Azerbaijan ,Naila Handzhanova in 1993, published in a typescripted magazine "Shalom - Scholem - Sholumi" ? 10 (52) of 1993, dedicated to he 50th anniversary of the uprising in Sobibor (publisher and editor Pinya Kalika) in an edition of 20 copies in  Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
(The magazine has been made available to the representative of the Moscow Holocaust Center in Israel G.Reikhman by courtesy of Raissa Kalika (Ashod), daughter of the late editor.

Founding conference of the International Human Rights Movement World without Nazisms“

10 2012

10th October 2012
At  the founding conference of the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism"  in Strasbourg (France) form 9th to 10th October, Alla Gerber was elected as a board member.

Limmud Festival in Saint Petersburg

29 2012

29 September 2012
Dr. Ilya Altman contributed two lectures at the Limmud conference (a Jewish educational and cultural forum) in Saint Petersburg on “The Righteous among the Nations: Tihune Siguhara” and “Men and women in the glare of the Holocaust.”

In the framework of the Limmud festival, Dr. Altman took part in a TV discussion on Kama Ginka’s film Hitler’s Children shown on the channel Kultura.


The first Alley of the Righteous among the Nations in Russia was opened in Lubavitch

27 2012

27 September 2012
On September 27, in the legendary village of Lubavitch (Smolensk district), the first Alley of the Righteous among the Nations in Russia was opened. It complements the memorial of the Jews who were executed there by the Fascists and their collaborators in 1941, which was erected within the framework of the program “Restoring Dignity”, initiated by the Russian Jewish Congress in cooperation with the Holocaust Center and supported by significant financial and organizational contributions by the Russian Methodist community.

The ceremony, in which 13 linden trees were planted by school students and where 97 year-old Tajsa Lukashenko recalled her memories, was attended by representatives of various political, social and religious organizations.

According to Dr. Ilya Altman, the creation of Alleys of the Righteous will be established in other regions of Russia.
A video about the Smolensk STRC:

Dr. Ilya Altman negotiates in a memorial for those who rescued Jews and a Museum dedicated to the children of the Holocaust in Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia-Alania

25 2012

25 September 2012

In the framework of the project “Restoring Dignity” Dr. Altman negotiated with political leaders about establishing a memorial in honor of members of the Red Army and inhabitants of Nalchik (capital of Karbardino-Balkaria), who saved a community of Mountain Jews from being shot by the Fascists occupiers.

In Vladikavkas in Northern Ossetia Dr. Altman conducted talks with the Deputy President of Northern Ossetia, Leonid Kesselbrenner, and with representatives of the Jewish communities and Universities of the Republic about establishing common educational projects on the Holocaust and the foundation of a museum center dedicated to the children who were victims of the Holocaust

In the photo: I Altman and the Chief Rabbi of Nalchik and the Northern Caucasian region, Levy Shabayev, with a Holy Thora saved during the occupation

New publication of the Holocaust Center presented by Leonid Terushkin in Bryansk

15 2012

15 September 2012
On September 12, Leonid Terushkin, head of archives at the Holocaust Center, presented a new publication edited by the Holocaust Center at a conference in Bryansk (“The Bryansk Region during the War, 1941-1945: People. Events. Facts.”). He also lectured on E. A. Ivanova’s “Making Oneself a Target” and gave a lecture called “E.A. Ivanova's Diary as a Source about the Holocaust in the Bryansk and Smolensk Region."

Natalya Anisina and IlyaAltman lecture at the University of Stavropol 10 September 2012

10 2012

10 September 2012

Dr. Ilya Altman and Natalya Anisina contributed a lecture on problems of tolerance in the framework of a seminar for teachers in the Stavropol region of the North Caucasian Federal University called "Lessons of the Holocaust: Development of Tolerance and Inter-ethnic Dialogue,” which was attended by representatives of different religious groups.

The historical faculty of the University of Stavropol expressed their interest in cooperating with the Holocaust Center.

The seminar was organized by The Ministry of Education of the Stavropol Region, the Stavropol Regional Institute of Education, Training and Retraining of Education, and the Jewish Community of the Stavropol Region. It was supported by a President’s Grant and the Claims Conference.

Dr. IlyaAltman at the unveiling of a memorial plaque in Arzgir

09 2012

9 September 2012

Dr. Ilya Altman took part in a memorial event in Azgir (Stavropol region) dedicated to the 70th anniversary of a massacre by the Fascists, on which occasion a memorial plaque remembering 695 victims, of whom 674 were Jews, was unveiled for the first time.

Dr. Altman was highly appreciated for imbedding the memory of the victims and handing it over to the younger generation in order to ensure that this will never occur again.

Mourning ceremony in Mineralnye Vody

09 2012

9 September 2012

On September 9, Dr. Altman spoke at a memorial ceremony in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the massacre of Jews in Mineralnye Vody where thousands of evacuated Jews from almost all regions of the USSR lost their lives.
The monument site was prepared by members of regional Protestant organizations in the framework of the project "Restoring Dignity." Dr. Altman confirmed that the regional authorities agreed to mention the nationality of the victims on the memorial plaque and expressed his expectation that this would occur before the next anniversary.



Soiree for Ilya Altman at the occassion of the 20th anniversary of the Holocaust Center

06 2012

6th September 2012
On 6th September at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Holocaust Center on 26th June 1992 a soiree for Ilya Altman took place.
At the beginning I. Altman told about his father's family having survived a ghetto in the Vynnitsa region and his parents who met at the front; then he described his life and work devoted to the cause of Holocaust studies, beginning when he found the manuscript of the “Black Book”.a collection of documents about the Nazi genocide of the Jews in the occupied territories of the USSR, which was considered to be lost.
Guests of the evening were friends, colleagues and companions, many of them connected by a longterm cooperation with the Center. Altman addressed them with the question written on a a large screen on the stage “The Holocaust - for whom is it necessary?”
Alekandr Gorelik, director of the UN-Information Center in Moscow underlined its importance of for the work of the UN, which adopted a resolution concerning the International Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and which had developed a range of important educational projects; one of them which will be presented on 8th November in New York with I. Altman's participation; Aleksandr Sorokin ( Rosspen chief editor) stresssed the necessity of searching the truth and the remembrance of the Holocaust  in Russia “suffering from an amnesia of her own tragedies”
Colleagues and companions, having accompanied him during the diffent periods of his life and work, underlined his role in bringing the notion and meaning of  the Holocaust into the consciousness of the  Russian society and offering a forum for the survivors to share their knowledge and experiences particular with the younger generation

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