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New Publications of the Holocaust Center for the Library of the Moscow Jewish Community Center (MEOTS)

12 2012

12 December 2012

The Moscow Holocaust Center donated a collection of new publications to the library of the Moscow Jewish Community Center, including the The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union, a collection of essays on Simon Wiesenthal, and Alla Gerber’s recently published book Once and Now.


Holocaust as a Topic at the Congress of Russian Teachers

12 2012

12 December 2012

At the Second All-Russian Congress of Teachers of History and Social Sciences, held at the Russian Academy of Sciences, participants dealt with the topic of teaching the Holocaust in several plenary and sectional sessions. Tatyana Pasman (Coordinator of Educational Programs of the Center of Civic Education of the Pskov Regional Institute for Advanced Training in Education and Regional Coordinator of the Moscow Holocaust Center in the Pskov region) reported on success in regional and international competitions, research and creative activities, and conferences on the history of the Holocaust. She also stressed the necessity for the improvement of the quality assessment of history teaching in school. As an example, she presented the textbook The Holocaust: A Teacher's View - Methodological Toolkit. A Reader with Contributions of Pedagogues from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, 2nd edition.
The speakers, among them Efim Pivovar, Rector of the RGGU University and member of the Academy of Sciences (RAN), and Evgeny A. Yamburg, Director of a Moscow education center and member of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO), underlined the significance of teaching the Holocaust not only for a better understanding of the history of our country but also for the purpose of coping with a variety of educational tasks.

The congress was organized in cooperation with the Association of Teachers of History and Social Sciences, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Academy of Science.

Alla Gerber on the Dangers of Neo-Nazism

05 2012

5 December 2012

On December 3, Alla Gerber participated in a discussion called “Let them Speak” on the First Russian TV-Channel. The topic was the murder of an innocent student by a gang of teenagers who painted swastikas on the fence of the victim’s house. Ms. Gerber pointed out the danger of such gangs growing in Russia. She also gave a further interview on this subject on the channel "Around Moscow".

Presentation of Alla Gerber's Book Once and Now at the Moscow Non-Fiction Book Fair

29 2012

29 November 2012

Alla Gerber's new book was presented by O. Libkin, Director of the publishing house “Text,” critic Lev Anninsky, author of the foreword, and Ilya Altman.

Lev Anninsky stated "... Readers know Alla Gerber by her astute articles, interviews, and presence on radio and TV. Her social temperament is widely known both in her public appearances and in politics. Where is the source of this energy? Alla Gerber's persistent demonstrative, and sometimes challenging, love for life; … a premonition of upcoming troubles which a human being has to be prepared to meet and to sustain at every moment. … 'You cannot choose the time you live in' said the poet, and an unknown wise man, who lived centuries before the poet, taught his people not to be surprised by anything bad but rather to enjoy everything which is good ... "

Libkin, said: "Alla Gerber wrote a wonderful book of memories - for her friends and relatives. But her story seems to be familiar to many people, both known and unknown. The book includes the story of her parents, "Mom and Dad," as well as documents from the case of her father (who had to go through the camp and came back "to live"). It also includes "Recognition" (notes on the book "Sunflower" by Simon Wiesenthal)." Alla Gerber's bright and colorful performance caused a vivid echo and interest, which resulted in a host of questions and autographed book requests.

Alla Gerber in a Round Table Discussion at the Federation Council of the Duma on Anti-Nazi Measures

27 2012

27 November 2012

On November 27, the Federation Council held a round table on the procedures and methods of anti-Nazi projects by state and public organizations. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Ministry of the Interior, and the State Duma, as well as other public organizations.

Alla Gerber's contribution was commented on by a member of the Public Chamber of the Duma from Vladimir, Tatyana Sidorova: "In those happy hours, spent with you at the meeting, I just enjoyed a remarkable strength of will, powerful intellect and endless love of life and people, visibly coming from you for all, being able to accept a powerful call for actions, in order to perform and harmonize our unpleasant, diverging irrational and yet native society."

Congratulations from Israel at the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Holocaust Center

26 2012

26 November 2012

David Zelvensky, founder and director of the Hadera Museum of Military History (“The Energy of Courage”) congratulated the staff of the Holocaust Center on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
"We are happy that we gained with the Russian Holocaust Center a partner for the exchange of information and a likeminded ally, devoted to the same holy cause – preserving the remembrance of the tragic and heroic past - about the Holocaust and heroism - and transferring the memory to the generations to come, so that this will nowhere and never happen again”.  As a vivid example of the cooperation, Zelvensky mentioned the memorial readings of the memoirs of the Russian military historian, Fyodor Sverdlov.

In Memory of Raoul Wallenberg

22 2012

22 November 2012

On November 22, a memorial evening in honor of Raoul Wallenberg took place at the Hungarian  Center in Moscow. Dr. Ilya Altman contributed a lecture on Nina Borovko-Langlet, wife of the Swedish Red Cross representative in Budapest, and the first Russian to receive the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1965. The evening was attended among others by the Hungarian Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Russia, Istvan Ijgyart, and the Minister Plenipotentiary of Israel in Russia, Olga Slov.


Dr. Kiril Feferman at Yad Vashem Workshop

20 2012

20 November 2012

From November 19-20, 2012, an international workshop on "Letters and Diaries as Sources for the Study of the Holocaust and World War II in the Soviet Union" took place at the Center for the Study of Soviet Jews at Yad Vashem with the support of Genesis (a philanthropic group promoting Jewish identity among Russian speaking Jews). The Moscow Holocaust Center was represented by Dr. Feferman, who made a presentation on "Letters by Soviet Jews as a Source for Studying the Decision-Making on Evacuation."

Dr. Ilya Altman on TV channel "Culture": On the Access to Archival Sources Relating to the Holocaust

19 2012

19 November 2012

Dr. Ilya Altman took part in a discussion on the Russian TV channel ”Culture” on problems of the historiography of the Holocaust, focusing on the aspect of access to archival documents and their publication.

“Holocaust. The Teachers' Perspective“, 2nd edition

17 2012

17 November 2012

A collection of contributions by teachers from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus - the winners of the international competition "Lessons of the Holocaust - The Way to Tolerance", 2006-2011 - was published under the support of a grant of the President of Russia. The book includes a program of courses and curricula, text lessons, and extracurricular activities. Russia is represented with contributions by teachers from Vladimir, Ivanovo, Pskov, the Khabarovsk region, and Khanty-Mansi. The first edition with texts of the winners from 2001 to 2005 appeared six years ago

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