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The Holocaust Center presents new teaching material about the Righteous among the Nations

With the beginning year the Holocaust Centre provides Russian teachers with new teaching material edited by I.A. Altman and D.I. Poltorak. 56 page-long package “The Righteous in Russia, 1941-1945” published by “Russkoe Slovo” Publishing House in late 2011, consists of a collection of documents and methodological recommendations. The first part includes documents and eyewitness reports, cards and photographies, 31 reports either by the rescuers or the rescued people and a description and photos of the Righteous medals and documents.

The second part presented in a form of a brochure offers methodological recommendations for the use of the package.

The volume includes documents and photographs featuring the most outstanding stories how Russsian citizens saved Jews. They are followed by documents describing the rescued Jews who lived or still live in Russia and cover all Russian regions occupied during the war.

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