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January 29th-31st 2009: 3rd international Conference on the topic “Holocaust: Remebrance and Prevention”

January 29th-31st 2009. The Conference under this topic was organized in St. Petersburg by the Russian Research and Educational “Holocast” Center as by the State-Universitiy “Herzen” in St. Petersburg.
 On 29th the Conference was opened and during the event the new Russian version of the book “Anti-Semitism: reasons for hatred” was presented by a member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the UNESCO. Alla Gerber, Dr Ilya Altman and members of the University took part on the opening as well.
On the conference, Russian students from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Members of the Russian Research and Educational “Holocaust” Center had speeches about the Holocaust and about the blockade of Leningrad.
After the conference the students visited the head of the Organization for Ghetto-Survivors in St. Petersburg, Pavel Rubinchik and the exhibition-room of the organization. On the following days they visited a school near St. Petersburg to take part on a conference on the topic “Holocaust”, which was a part of a project, the school worked on. Due to that the students talked to members of the Jewish community in St. Petersburg and visited the library of the community.
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