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18th of June/ “Limud” in Winnyzja

From the 17th to the 19th of June Ilya Altman attended the conference “Limud” which took place in Ukraine and dealt with the 70th anniversary of Great Patriotic War, as well as with the Holocaust in Ukraine, especially the massacre of Winnyzja. Invited were people from all over the world, especially from Ukriane, Russia, Moldavia and Israel. During the commemorative ceremony, which was held by E. Vitorgan, representatives of the city, the Knesset and the parliament of Israel attended. After the ceremony, Ilya Altman held a lecture about “Memorial of the Holocaust: What can you do?”, “Holocaust and the war: A chronic of senses” and the Holocaust in general. Besides also Boris Maftsir (Yad Vashem), Aaron Weiss (Joint) and Juri Tabak (Moscow) lectured about the Shoah.

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