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Israel-Russia. The ceremony is dedicated to Leonid Buber, hero of the former Soviet Union.

Israel-Russia. Via electronic media, most people of the Jewish community have been informed, that in Russia, in the Israeli Center for Culture of the Israeli embassy, and in the “Givat ha-Tachmoshet” national memorial complex in Jerusalem would be held an opening ceremony for a memorial plaque. The plaque is dedicated to Leonid Buber, hero of the former Soviet Union.

Leonid Terushkin, head of the archive of the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust center, held a speech about the life of Buber in Moscow. When he was still a young lieutenant, he already fought in the finno-soviet war. As of his extraordinary deeds he was awarded with the title “Hero of the Soviet Union”. This is especially interesting, because during this war, nearly no decorations were given. Later on he served in the “Great Patriotic War” where he fought in the battle of Orel-Kursk, for which he gained the “Red Star” of the Soviet Union.

After the war, Leonid Buber managed to escape Stalin’s repression through working in the Jewish Antifashist Committee of the Soviet Union. There he worked until he retired and died in 2005.

In the end of 2005, the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center published unique photos between 1930 and 1990, which so far had been stored in an archive in Lithuania. The photograph were sent to Ljubov Leonidovna, daughter of Leonid Buber.

During the ceremony for Leonid Buber, lectured the director of the „Givat ha-Tachmoshet“, Shimon „Katscha“ Kaganer, who is a former officer. He, who had fought in many wars, stressed the importance of the plaque, as Leonid Buber is a Jewish hero and idol which helped him through all the battles he had been in. Under the participants of the ceremony were many prominent people of the public life, as for example Kirill Rabin, head of the youth organization NDI and the spokesman of the Union of World War II Veterans David Tribelskij.

Tribelskij stressed in his speech the importance of remembering Leonid Buber, as until now, only few veterans knew about the „Hero of the Soviet Union“. In consequence, the Union of World War II Veterans decided to appoint Buber posthumously as honorary member of the Union. Tribelskij also mentioned, how Israel’s attitude towards Jews of the former Soviet Union had changed. Some time ago, they were only fewed as victims of the Holocaust, but the young people nowadays rather few them as those who marched against Berlin. Therefore the memorial plaque is an important step, because it honours those who fought in order that Israel once would be.

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