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Alexander Trachtenberg and his book „Saved to save“

On May 15th, the book by professor Alexander Trachtenberg „Saved to save“ was presented in the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue on the Poklonnaya Hill. Alexander Trachtenberg is a renowned scholar and one of the leading surgeons in this country and abroad, as well as the leading speacialist in thoracic surgery. Introducing the book, the author talked about his childhood, the deportation of his family from the city Hawtin, hard months spent in the ghettos of Transnistria and the way of surviving. Of the 20,000 deported Jews, only 800 survived Khotina. The author said that there are several memoirs, articles, published books and created films on the Holocaust, but as an eyewitness and ghetto prisoner he thinks that the data is incomplete, as they do not reflect the horror of those terrible years of the inscrutable ways of survival and the lucky ones like himself.
His memoirs not only tell the reader about his experiences but they have also a lot of facts and opinions about the development of national clinical surgery. At the presentation, which was conducted by Ilya Altman, participated also the playwright Alexander Gelman, director of Mosfilm, Alexander Shein, a member of the Scriptwriters Union Tatyana Kalecki and People’s Artist of Russia Grigory Martyniuk."
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