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January, 27th 2009. 64th anniversary of the liberation of AuschwitzJanuary,

January, 27th 2009. Because of this event, there was a memorial evening in the House of Literature in Moscow. The Evening was organized by the Russian Research and Educational Center, the Embassy of the State of Israel and other Jewish organizations in Moscow.

Next to a deputy of the ministry of foreign affairs the head of the Russian Holocaust Center, Alla Gerber spoke about the tragedy of the 20th century, about the fact, that the world kept silent while millions of people lost their lives and that it should always be remembered.

The ambassador of Israel, Anna Asari read excerpts of the book of Lizzie Doron. In this book Doron writes about her mother, a survivor of the holocaust. Asari dedicated a special part of her speech to the Righteous among the Nations.

Furthermore, a deputy of the German Embassy held a speech and underlined the position of Germany. “We definitely stand against any kind of Anti-Semitism or Holocaust-denying. We will go on campaigning the aim, that every Jew should have the opportunity to live a life in peace in Israel. My country will go on speaking up against any kind of suppression or Racism.”

In the end of the event there was the award ceremony for the 7th international competition for pupils and students under the topic “lessons from the Holocaust – ways to tolerance”. The ceremony was accompanied by a member of the UNESCO as well as a member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The winners of the competition will present their works in Paris at the UNESCO this year.
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