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Conference „Yadovno, 1941“

From the 23. to 25. of June in the capital of the Republic Srpska (region of Bosnia-Herzegovina) Banja Luka,  the conference „Yadovno, 1941“ was held fort he first time. Between the many scientists from Russia, Italy, Israel, Serbia and the USA, Dr. Kyrill Fefereman attended the conference as a represantive of the Center „Holocaust“. As the name of the already intends, the conference is about camps, which the pro-Nazi and ultranationalist Ustasha Regime built between April and Mai 1941. In these Camps, which were situated in Yadovno, on the territory of modern Croatia, the new “Independent State of Croatia” murdered hundred of Jews and Serbians. Only after Italy claimed the territory for itself, the camps were closed.

During the conference, Kyrill Fefereman lectured about “Communalities and differences regarding the Nazi politics about “Divide and Conquer” in the USSR and Yugoslavia in 1941” highlighting the similarities of German procedure regarding the “Jewish Question”. After the lecture the participants held a memorial ceremony at the former camp at Yadovno, which attended also the Serbian president, who instituted a new memorial.

What makes the conference “Yadavno, 1941” so special is that it wasn’t organized by an NGO or professional historians, but from engaged citizens. Duschan Bastaschitsch founded his organization specially for this purpose.

Later on in Belgrad Dr. Kyrill Fefereman lectured in the Institute for Contemporary History, one  of Serbia’s best Institute regarding the history of the 20th century, about the Center “Holocaust”, its work as well as about its current activities.

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