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12. May / Presentation of a new book about the Holocaust and Jewish resistance

On 12 May, a new book about the Jewish resistance was presented in Moscow (Jack Kagan, Dov Cohen: The Holocaust and the resistance of the fatherland by Adam Mickiewicz / Translated from English into Russian by Tamara Vershitskaya, 2011). Scientists from Jerusalem, authors and the co-chairman of the Holocaust Center Ilya Altman attended the presentation of a son of one of the authors. The book deals with the memories of Holocaust survivors and has been translated into several languages​​. The first part of the book contains the memoirs of Dov Cohen in Israel. In the second part, the memories of J. Kagan are told. His memoirs reflect the history of the ghetto, everyday life, the resistance and the destruction of the Jews in Novogrudok, Dyatlova, Korelichi, Slonim, Baranavichy and other places in western Belarus. The heart of the book is a detailed description of the flight of several hundred prisoners from the labor camp in Novogrudok in autumn 1943. In the region Novogrudok about 10% of the Jews survived, making it the largest number of survivors in Nazi-occupied Soviet territory. Ilya Altman mentioned that this publication is not only of interest for researchers but also for teachers.

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