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A Note from the Editor of The Newsletter № 42 of Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center and The Holocaust Foundation

2008 was an important landmark for the effort of preserving the memory of the Holocaust in Russia. The commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Crystal Night has evoked a broad public response in the country.

 Russia’s new president, Dmitry Medvedev, addressed the memorial evening/requiem and international conference devoted to this event - Lessons of the Holocaust and Modern Russia - that was organized with the active participation of the Holocaust Center. This was the first in the 21st century message from a head of state devoted to the Holocaust and delivered not abroad but in Russia. The government has been demonstrating its appreciation of our educational and scientific programs: the Holocaust Center has been awarded the Russian Federation President grant of $40,000 for two subsequent years; the government Humanitarian Research Foundation has provided support for the publication of the “Encyclopedia of the Holocaust in the USSR” (it will come out in the summer of 2009); the Moscow City Government gave a grant for organizing a memorial evening and conference for schoolchildren in the city of Brest; and the Website of the Holocaust Center and Foundation became the winner of the National Tolerance Contest. During this year, the greatest number of seminars and documentary exhibitions were conducted during the entire history of the Center; three groups of school and university teachers underwent training at leading museums in Israel and the USA. The Fourth Conference of Russian Students at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris was conducted on a very high level, with the participation of the leadership of UNESCO, Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah. Two new projects were launched: one of identifying burial sites of Holocaust victims in Russia and the other of sponsoring performances in Moscow schools jointly with the Hasidic Cappella Chorus. The monograph and collection of documents prepared by our Center were published in the USA and Germany. The planned publications of the Center include a book devoted to Simon Wiesenthal and the memoirs of Avraam Sutskever.

These and other resul ts of the Center ’s activities will be further discussed in this issue.

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