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13 March: Ilya Altman solemnly inaugurated the temporary exhibition “The Holocaust in Europe”

13 March: Ilya Altman solemnly inaugurated the temporary exhibition “The Holocaust in Europe”  With the kind support of the UN Information Centre in Moscow the exhibition could be brought to the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue. It was conceived by one of the world’s most famous Holocaust museums – the Mémorial de la Shoa Paris. Subdivided into 20 stages, the pictures and explanatory notes in Russian language offer the visitor an insight in the history of the Holocaust – starting with the Nuremberg Laws from 1934 and throwing light on little known aspects of history. Geographically, the exhibition covers all countries where the genocide against Jews took place. It is thus an invaluable addition to the Museums permanent exhibition in which the focus lies on the Holocaust on the Soviet territories. 

The inauguration was attended by the Director of the UN Information Centre, Alexander Gorelik, the Ambassador of the State Israel, Dorit Golender, and the Vice-president of the Russian-Jewish Congress, Alexei Karpov. In his speech Alexander Gorelik thanked the project partners for their supported and expressed the hope, that the museum is now going to be visited by even more students from Moscow. All speakers underlined the exhibition’s importance and topicality, especially in the light of the ongoing crimes against humanity in the world. 

In 2010 the museum counted 10 000 visitors from more than 20 countries. The RREHC and the Russian-Jewish Congress constantly organize seminars for teachers, meeting with survivors of the Holocaust as well as seminars on interethnic dialogue in the Synagogue, which - especially in contemporary Russia - is of particular importance.


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