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Holocaust Center: Participation in the 18. International Conference on Jewish Studies „Sefer“

On 3 February, the 18th Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies „Sefer“ ended in Moscow. The event lasted three days. At the plenary session Ilya Altman presented the new book series of the Russian Holocaust Library, including the second edition of the Encyclopaedia of the „Holocaust on the territory of the USSR“. During the meeting of the section „History of the Holocaust“, which was lead by Arkadi Zeltser (Yad Vashem) and Ilya Altman, 21 presentations were held, including a lecture by the President of the Holocaust Foundation Alla Gerber. Dr. Kiril Feferman held a lecture on the influence of the Holocaust in world history and the role of the Holocaust in the Caucasus. Around 40 scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel and the U.S. were attending this event. During a meeting at the Jewish Museum, Ilya Altman talked about the Holocaust on the territory of Russia: the sources, historiography and its memory.


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