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International Conference for Schoolchildren in Brest

n Brest (Belarus), at the 9th International Annual Conference for Schoolchildren “Holocaust: Remembrance and Warning”, 16 school students from large and small cities of Russia (Moscow, Moscow Region, Samara and Tobolsk), Ukraine (Kremenets and Donetsk), Moldova (Beltsy) and Belarus (Mir, Smilovichi, Pinsk, Kalinkovichi and Brest) made presentations and visited the Brest Fortress at dawn on June 22, the State Archive of Brest Region and Holocaust sites.
    The organizer and head of all nine conferences, Ilya Altman, co-chair of the Holocaust Center, noted the much higher technical level of the presentations and films. Participants from Moldova were attending the conference for the first time. Prominent scholars were present at the opening of the conference: the head of the Ukrainian Center for the Study of the History of the Holocaust, Anatoly Podolsky, and director of the Jewish Resistance Museum in Novogrudka, Tamara Vershitskaya. As always, the meeting with the only surviving former minor prisoner of the Brest Ghetto, writer Roman Levin, made a very strong impression on the participants in the conference.
    Alexander Sidorkin, a 10th grade student from Tobolsk (Russia), who devoted his presentation to the antifascist struggle in Germany and whose trip to Brest took three days, admitted that before the conference he “only had a general idea about the Holocaust”.
-    I became acquainted with Roman Levin, the “boy from the ghetto”. The atmosphere at the conference was very well-wishing. I was deeply moved by the ceremony at the Brest Fortress on June 22. I learned a lot at the conference. That is why we have to speak at conferences and compete for a chance to come to Brest!”
Dr.Altman pointed out that the next 10th Conference will take place during the year of the 65th Victory Anniversary and that the number of participating countries will hopefully be expanded.

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