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International conference on combating antisemitism: Participation of the Holocaust Center

14 of November/
The Holocaust Center was involved in the preparation to carry out the first International Conference to combat Antisemitism „Protecting Future“. The conference was organized by the Russian Jewish congress and the government of Moscow. Meaningful Jewish organizations from the whole world supported it. The center’s chairperson and advisor for the Jewish congress of Russia, Ilya Altman, was part of the organization committee and was involved as a speaker. He moderated the discussion circle to the topic „Holocaust Denial as a Form of Antisemitism“. During this, he held a presentation about „Revisionism of the holocaust“. The chairperson of the foundation „Holocaust“, Alla Gerber, moderated the discussion circle to the topic „Antisemitism in modern Culture and in Education“ and read her presentation about „Antisemitism in the Soviet Union and during the Perestroika: Experience in the Resistance“.
During the final session, Ilya Altman read the project of the declaration that contains an appeal to remember the holocaust and to oppose every attempt of holocaust denial. In the conference participated 20 pedagogues from 16 different regions of Russia and also from Armenia, Belarus, Moldavia and Ukraine.

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