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Seminar for pedagogues of Kalmykia

9th of September /
On the 7th of September, a seminar by the Holocaust Center took place in Kalmykia’s capital Elista. The local institute for further education supported it. The seminar was called „Commemorate the holocaust – The path to tolerance“ and more than 30 pedagogues from different regions of Russia took part. Lilia Munchinova, director of the Kalmykian Institute for further Education and education scientist, emphasized the importance of experienced teaching about the holocaust and the expulsion of the Kalmykian people in the years 1953 – 1957. Ilya Altman presented the educational and publishing programs by the Holocaust Center and explained the Holocaust in Europe and on the occupied Sowjet territory in relation to the Great Patriotic War and to regional history. Dr. Christina Winkler (Berlin, Germany) read the lecture „The holocaust in Rostov-on-Don“. Finally, the pedagogues took part in a monument’s opening ceremony for the local victims of the holocaust. In view of the seminar, more than 20 pedagogues expressed the interest to take part on further events by the Holocaust Center.

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