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Beslan: we remember!

On September 3 the chairman of the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center and adviser of the Russian Jewish Congress Ilya Altman took part in a memorial ceremony for the victims of the tragedy of Beslan. Together with the head of the regional representation of the Russian Jewish Congress David Melikov, he laid a wreath at the cemetery “City of Angels”.
On the same day Ilya Altman visited the Jewish community “Shalom” in Vladikavkaz, where he met with its director Mark Petruschansk and visited a future museum exhibition about the Holocaust in the North Caucasus. It was reached an agreement for the provision of methodological and practical tools for the creation of a museum. One of the issues in this case will be the terror against children. During a meeting with the head of the North Ossetian Theater, Opera and Ballet and Russian folk artist Larisa Gergieva there has been a discussion about the performance of the opera Brundibár in Vladikavkaz on September 26 and about other projects. On September 4, Ilya Altman met with Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of North Ossetia Alexander Reutov. There was a long and interesting discussion about the experiences and problems in regard to the commemoration of the Holocaust victims in the establishment of a museum and educational program on the topic of the Beslan tragedy. In addition, a revision and a new edition of the educational books “Children – victims of terror and the Holocaust” was under discussion. The regional representative of the Center “Holocaust” Tatjana Svetlov participated at the meeting. At the end of the trip Ilya Altman attended the ceremony in Beslan, which took place in the building “School № 1”. The ceremony was also attended by the participants of the youth project of the Jewish organization from Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk, who were learning about topics of the Holocaust and terrorism. The guidance through the site of the tragedy was led by the heads of the committee “Mothers of Beslan” Susanna Dudieva and Aneta Gadieva.
On the photo:
1. Laying a wreath
2. In the museum Holocaust. On the left - Mark Petruschanski

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