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The meeting of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace at the Holocaust Center

On 22nd of June this year volunteers in Russia of Action reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) as well as the contributor for volunteer service in Russia and former volunteer of the Holocaust Center, Sina Gasde, director of ARSP, Jutta Weduwen and chairman Stephan Reimers met in the Russian Holocaust Center to compare note on the experience of the last month, to visit the Holocaust Center and learn about it work before visiting the exhibition of 25 years ARSP in Russia. In the beginning of the meeting Ilya Altman presented the Holocaust exhibition located in the hall of the Holocaust Center afterwards the volunteers, the contributor as well as the director and the chairman got the English newsletter of the Holocaust Center. After all rooms were showed and the listeners were informed about the work of the Russian Holocaust Center a nice discussion about German politics, the impressions and experiences of the volunteers in Russia and the work in the different projects and cities.

The event took place on 22nd of June, the day of German raid on the Soviet Union, because this incident is one of the reasons of the work of ARSP in Russia. ARSP campaigns for peace and international understanding and an awareness of the crime done by national socialists in the time of the World War II. ARSP also fights against anti Semitism, racism and any other forms of repression of minorities.

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