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The Seminar for Russian educator in Germany

May 8-15 /

On 8th  May started this year’s annual seminar for Russian educators, which is organized by the Russian Holocaust Center and the House of Wannsee Conference. The 16 participants of the seminar were high and middle school teachers, teachers of institutes and staff of archive departments and museum, who were from 6 different regions of Russia and also from Moldavia (in the last seminars there were also participants form Belarus, Ukraine or Lithuania).

In the Seminar the educator learned about the teaching experience about the Holocaust in German schools, when they visited the secondary school „Drei Linden“ in Berlin. Furthermore, they had a guided tour through the museum “House of Wannsee Conference” and the “German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst” in which they were also informed about the activities of the museum. Afterwards they visited the memorial Sachsenhausen. The participants were especially interested in the difficulties and methodic of teaching the Holocaust. The Russian educator also shared their own experience about the topic of Holocaust.

The seminar was held in an interactive way. While the sessions problems of the psychological perceptions, problems of the Holocaust were discussed and their methodic were analyzed.

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