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The Holocaust and the Defense of the Brest Fortress: New Discussions

May 24 /
The seventh session of the Lecture Program “Genocides of the XXth Century and the Contemporary World” was organized by the Russian Holocaust Center and the Institute for History and Archives together with the department for Russian history of the modern age by the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH).   The Session for the first time was hold as a round table to discuss the difficult problems of the Holocaust and the defense of the Brest Fortress in context of present German documents.

In 2016 the collection “Brest. Summer 1941” (original in Russian: Брест. Лето 1941 г.) including a large amount of  new German documents of the Brest Fortress and the Holocaust was published in Smolensk (a link for a preview of the anthology was published on our website earlier). The book was prepared to be published by Byelorussian historian and at their head by the German historian Christian Ganzer. The book was presented in Minsk and Brest, causing a lot of discussions because of an article of Mr. Ganzer.

In the session Christian Ganzer acquainted the participants about the proceedings of  the work for the collection by the group of historian. In his conclusion he presented his arguments and historical base with which he had worked. In answer to his lecture there were asked numerous of questions and comments with doubts about relevancy of some phrases used in the introductory article and about the expansion of the historical base to achieve a wider consideration  of the discussed topic, were made. In the end the head of the group of compilers thanked Christian Ganzer for his enormous work form preparing the documents to publication.

Professional scientists, graduate students, representatives of public organizations and scientific magazines as well as representatives of the Moscow school Nr. 444, which has a museum in the name of Yefim Fomin, a commissar of the Brest Fortress, took part in the session.

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