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Seminar for Russian and Armenian Educators in Israel

Annual seminar for schoolteachers and university lecturers took place in Jerusalem (Israel) on the 27 March – 4 April 2016. It was organized by the International Schoolfor Holocaust Studies ofYadVashem. The representatives of 16th regions of Russia and one professor from Armenia attended the seminar. Professors, Heads of departments and lecturers of universities; secondary schoolsteachers of history, literature and geography; employees of archives, cultural institutions, publishing houses were among the participants.
During the 9 days famous specialists such as Dr. ZeevDashevskii (Bar Ilan University), Dr. Vladimir Levin (The Hebrew University), Dr. ArkadiZeltser (Director of the Center for the Study of the History of Soviet Jews During the Holocaustat the International Research Institute of “YadVashem”), Dr. Michael Weisskopf(The Hebrew University), Dr. Daniel Romanovsky(The Hebrew University), Dr. Aron Shneyer(“YadVashem”), Alla Gerber (Foundation “Holocaust”), professor Ilya Altman (Russian Holocaust Center), Dr. Yehuda Bauer (“YadVashem”) and other read lectures about the Jewish history and different aspects of the Holocaust.
Special part of the seminar was devoted to the lectures and workshops about teaching the Holocaust. At one of the workshops, most of the participants presented their own projects about the Holocaust implemented in different thematic clusters. Another time participants of the seminar, divided into 4 groups, created their own modules of the lessons and extra curriculum activities, using the tutorials ofYadVashem.
During the seminar, participants were acquainted with the funds and conditions of the documents storage at the unique archive of YadVashem, collection of the film and videocenter, library and website. Training sessions were combined with the excursions to various parts of YadVashem, Israeli cities and museums, as well as meetings with David Taubkin, whowas a child in the Minsk ghetto, and Emil Ziegel, a Holocaust survivor.
The seminar was overseen by Noah Sigal (International School “YadVashem”) and conducted at a high level as always, and was highly evaluated by the participants.

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