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Anti-Semitism of the Postwar Stalin’s Russia

February​ 16/
Forth session of the Lecture Program “Genocides of the XXth Century and the Modern World” was held in the Institute of History and Archives of Russian State University for the Humanities. The leading researcher of the Institute of Russian History of Russian Academy of Science Dr. Gennady Kostyrchenko gave a lecture “Anti-Jewish Repressions in the Post-War Stalinism: New Documents and Considerations”.

Famous Russian historian told about new documents and interpretations of the period of late Stalinism, which still contains many “white spots”. Students, young scholars, historians, lawyers, representatives of different organizations attended the session. After the lecture Dr. Kostyrchenko answered many discussion questions.

Co-Chairman of Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman presented a new edition of Dr. Kostyrchenko’s book “Stalin's Secret Policy. Power and anti-Semitism (new version). In 2 parts”, published in 2015.
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