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UN and Prevention of Genocides

December 7, 2015

Meeting with Alexander Gorelik, the director of the UN Informational Center in Moscow, was organized at the Institute for History and Archives of RSUH as the third meeting of the Lecture Program “Genocides of the XXth century and the Modern World”.

Experienced diplomat spoke about the meaning of the term “genocide” in the International Law, the history of the “Genocide Convention” and the possibilities of modern prevention of the achievement of genocide as well as assistance to victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc.

At the end of the meeting, Ilya Altman talked about the joint projects of the Russian “Holocaust” Center with the UN Information Center and the International Contest of papers about the Holocaust, called on students to capture and present their thoughts and ideas on this subject. A new nomination “Student poster about the Holocaust” will appear in 2016, and summarizing of the results of the Contest will be held under the auspices of the UN Information Center in Moscow and the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Holocaust (RJC).

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