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Anti-Semitic Propaganda at the Occupied Territories of the RSFSR

December 1, 2015
The Second Session of the Lecture Program “Genocides of the XXth Century and Modern World” was held at the Institute of History and Archives of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) on the 1st of December.
Famous historian, Dmitry Zhukov, author of the series of articles about the collaborators during the Second World War and articles for the Encyclopedia “The Holocaust in the Soviet Union” made a lecture about “The Creation of the «Enemy Image» in the Press of the Occupied Territory of the RSFSR (1941-1945)”. Famous lawyer and writer Lev Simkin has presented a new book of D. Zhukov and I. Kovtun “Anti-Semitic Propaganda at the Occupied Territories of the RSFSR, 1941-1944”, published in the series “Russian Library of the Holocaust” with the support of Russian Jewish Congress.

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