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Co-chairman of Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman visited Japan

November, 13/2015
From the 31st of October to the 14st of November 2015 Co-chairman of Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman was in Japan in accordance with the invitation of the Kokushikan University in Tokio. He visited many memorial sites in Tsaruga and Kobe associated with the transit of the Jewish refugees who had entered there with the visas issued by Chiune Sugihara, the Consul in Lithuania. Russian scientist was warmly met by the Mayor of Tsaruga.

On the 6th of November Ilya Altman read a lecture «New Documents and Perspectives on Chiune Sugihara: Results of Russian-Japanese Cooperative Research» in the Center of Slavic Studies in the University of Hokkaido (Sapporo). Then he discussed the content of the collection of documents about Chiune Sugihara with the Professor of the University David Wolf and Professor of the Medicine University of Tokyo Chizuko Takao. It is planned to publish it in 2016 in Russian and English.

On the 9th of November Ilya Altman negotiated with the leadership of the Kokushikan University about cooperation in studying and teaching the Holocaust and internships of Japanese students to Russia. Ilya Altman informed the administration of the University with the project activities of the Russian Holocaust Center and the Center for Study and Teaching the history of the Holocaust and genocides recently established with the support of the Russian Jewish Congress. Japanese colleagues got interested to the possibility of creating a similar program at their University and the exchanging of students and teachers from Russia and Japan.

Ilya Altman has also visited the Archives of Japanese Foreign Ministry, where he met with Masaaki Shiraishi, the author of several books about Chiune Sugihara.

On the 10th of November Russian historian gave a lecture «Chiune Sugihara and International Relations in the 20th Century in Eurasia» for teachers and students of the University of Hiroshima, as well as for the employees of the Institute for Peace at the University.

The same day Ilya Altman visited Japan's first educational Center “Holocaust”, created in 1995, where he negotiated about the cooperation with the administration of the Centre. It was proposed to prepare a joint training manual. The leadership of the Tokyo Center “Holocaust” shown their interest in this project.

On the 13th of November a ceremony in memory of Chiune Sugihara was held at the Russian Embassy in Tokyo. During the ceremony Ilya Altman presented a copy of the memorial plaque to the Sugihara’s family. It will be also sent to the museum of the “Ukraine” hotel in Moscow, where Sugihara used to work in 1960 - 1970s.

During his visit to Japan Ilya Altman closely communicated with Chiune Sugihara’s family, and they introduced him the work of the Sugihara’s Foundation.

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