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We Cannot Remain Silent

13 of October
We Cannot Remain Silent – Pupils and Students about the Holocaust (12th edition)
The annual edition of the collection of essays and articles of the winners of the XIV International Competition “Remembering the Holocaust – Path to tolerance” and participants of the IX International Youth Conference “The Holocaust: memory and prevention” organised by the Russian Holocaust Center is published in the series “Russian Library of the Holocaust”.
Contributors are pupils and students from 11 regions of Russia and the Republic of Armenia, Belarus and Moldova. The collection is compiled by Tatiana Pasman (Pskov) and Maria Gileva (Arkhangelsk).
The articles of pupils are significantly devoted to local history, including interviews with survivors and witnesses of the extermination of Jews. A special place is taken by the studies about the plight of children during the Holocaust, the issue of resistance to the Nazi policy during the Great Patriotic War, the problems of spiritual resistance to Nazism and neo-Nazism.
Researches of students and young scientists and methodologically and thematically divided into three blocks. Historical and theoretical aspects of the Holocaust are examined in the first block. The second block is devoted to a detailed consideration of the impact of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide on art and the fates of artists. The authors of the third block have focused on the problems and ways of disseminating knowledge about the Holocaust.
The project is financed with the generous support of the President of the Russian Federation based on the competition conducted by the National Charitable Foundation. The series is published with the support of the Russian Jewish Congress and the Moscow JOINT branch.

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