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The Holocaust: 70 Years Later

13 of October
Proceedings from the International Forum and the Ninth International Conference “Holocaust Lessons and Contemporary Russia”. Compiled by Ilya Altman, Natalia Anisina, and Leonid Terushkin. Ilya Altman, Igor Kotler and Jürgen Tsaruski (eds). Moscow, 2015. 352 p.
The contributors are scholars from fifteen countries, who in their analysis of the Holocaust and other tragedies of the twentieth century also deal with the elements of memorialization and teaching. The tragic fates that befell certain persecuted groups during World War I, and which have come to be viewed, to some extent, as a prelude to the Holocaust, are examined in both their theoretical and historically specific aspects. Based on the analysis of archival documents as well as modern historiography, the authors discuss avenues of approach to studying the remaining lacunae in Holocaust history. They share their diverse teaching experience, and, in their contributions, are able to bring to bear training as educators gained in a variety of countries.
The collection was published in the series “Russian Library of the Holocaust” and is dedicated to the memory of the first President of Russian Holocaust Center Mikhail Gefter (1918-1995).
The collection is intended to World War II researchers, museum workers, archivists, educators, students and local historians.

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