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Evening devoted to the victims of the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust victims

April 22.
Every April Jews and Armenians all over the world carry out memorial evenings devoted to Holocaust victims and the heroes of the resistance. This takes place on April 19, the day of the Warsaw uprising in 1943 and on April 24, the day that marks the Armenian genocide in 1915.
In Moscow the event was carried out on April 22 at the N.A. Nekrasov library. It was the first time that it was organized by the Russian Holocaust Center, the Armenian Culturul and Educational Society “Ararat” and the Moscow-based “Russian-Armenian Commonwealth”. The evening was supported by Moscow government
Attempts of a “Final solution” of the Armenian question in Ottoman Turkey and the liquidation of the European Jewry by Nazi Germany led to the murder of more than 1.5 million Armenians and 6 Million Jews.
Public and political figures attended the event; in the artistic section there were classical musical works of composers from different countries.
Part of the event included the opening of the personal exhibition of the young artist from Gjumri (Armenia) Vachagan Pogosjan. It was devoted to the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust.
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