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Educational Workshop for Russian teachers about the Holocaust has started in Israel

31st March 2014

20 teachers from 17 areas of Russia got together in Yad Vashem to increase their knowledge about the Holocaust. The participants will be educated in a two–week workshop. After the presentation of the participants the director of the educational program Masha Pollack-Rosenberg spoke introducing words about the workshop. On the first day Dr. Ilya Lurie (Hebrew University Jerusalem) spoke about the life of Jews between the Middle and Modern Age. Dr. Mordechai Yoshkovsky (Bar-Ilan-University) illustrated the situation of Yiddish culture and language. Dr. Arkady Seltzer (Yad Vashem) held a lecture about Soviet Jews between the two world wars. The workshop will be held until 9th April 2014.

Dr. Ilya Altman, Co-Chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center will hold two lectures one about the Holocaust on the territory of the Soviet Union and one about the memorization of the Holocaust in Russia in the next two weeks.

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