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International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Remembrance in Moscow

27th January 2014

On the 27th of January the Russian Holocaust Center organized the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Moscow with support of the City of Moscow, the embassy of Israel in Russia, the Russian Jewish Congress and the federation of Jewish communities in Russia. The event was held in the house of literature. 69 years ago the Red Army liberated the German death camp Auschwitz. 2006 the United Nations decided to proclaim this day as a international remembrance day to remember all victims of the Holocaust.

In Moscow veterans, death camp survivals, official persons from politics and society, ambassadors, artists, students and teachers reminded the suffering of the victims of the Holocaust.

The former check world champion Anatoli Karpov, the member of the society chamber of the Russian Federation Nikolaij Svanidge, the president of the Russian Jewish Congress Juri Kanner, the deputy of the German ambassador Georg Birgelen, the Jewish Choir of the Russian Jewish Congress and their conductor Aleksandr Zaljuk attended the International Remembrance Day.

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