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One member of the Russian Holocaust Center talked about Jewish partisans on the Russian territory in Yad Vashem

14th January 2014

On the 14th January the international workshop “Soviet partisans and the Holocaust – new knowledge and approaches” in Yad Vashem was finished. The workshop was organized with the support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and European JewishFound and the Gutwirth Family Found. Researchers presented for example lectures about topics like “Jews from Minsk in partisan groups”, “Jewish women as member of the Soviet partisans” and other. Kiril Feferman presented results from his research with the director of the archive of the Russian Holocaust Foundation Leonid Terushkin about Jewish partisans in the from Germany occupied territory of the Soviet Union (Smolensk, Briansk, Pskov Oblast). For that they analyzed archive materials, journals and letters from Jewish partisans.

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