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The Exploit of Sobibor Uprising participants should be recognized in Russia

 On October 14, Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) and Russian Holocaust center conducted a memorial evening dedicated to Sobibor Uprising that took place 70 years ago. The event was attended by war veterans, schoolchildren, representatives of diplomatic cosps, Russian Ministry of Forein Affairs, Russian Ministry of Defense, and Moscow City Board.
 The evening was moderated by Ilya Altman. Among those speaking at the event were the RJC President Yuri Kanner, Member of the Public Chamber Nikolai Svanidze, German Ambassador to Russia Ulrich Brandenburg, Bulgarian Ambassador Boiko Kotsev, acting Israeli Ambassador Olga Slov, and other dignitaries. Speaker of Knesset Yuli Edelshtein sent his greetings to thse participating in the event. The participants empasized that the process of getting the Sobibor Unprising heroes honored with Russian state awards is at its final stage and it is bound to lead to concrete results.
 Among the honorary participants there were also relatives of Alexander Pecherski and Aleksei Vaitsen, the only remaining participant of the Sobibor Uprising who  resides in Russia.
 During the event, there were screened parts of the movie “Arithmetics of Freedom” by Alexander Marutyan featuring documentary cadres of the liberation of Sobibor camp.

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