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Seminar in Berlin

May 11th, 2013
On May 5th Russian teachers gathered in Berlin. A seminar continued at the famous House of the Wannsee Conference. Deputy director of the Museum and the head of its educational programs Dr. Wolf Kaiser, one of Europe’s leading teachers on the Holocaust, read the lectures on the history of Jews in Germany, the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship, and conducted the seminar, dedicated to anti-Semitism and racism. Dr. Kristof Kroitzmuller convincingly demonstrated the use of images as sources for the history of the Holocaust. Ingrid Damerow and a volunteer of the House of the Wannsee Conference and a former employee of the Russian Holocaust Center Tatyana Manykina gave the tour around Museum.
In the evening of May 8th they watched a new exhibition (that opened on April 24th) about the Great Patriotic War and the Nazi occupation regime (including the chapter on Holocaust) at the Russian-German Museum in Karlshorst. At 10 pm, in the hall, where the document on the full and unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany was signed, the memorial ceremony was held with the participation of the Russian ambassador to Germany. On the Victory Day the participants laid flowers in Treptow Park at the monument depicting a Soviet soldier holding a girl in his arms, and in the evening the travelers visited the Reichstag building. The seminar ended with a visit to the memorial complex “Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp” and to the memorial at the Grunewald trains station, from where the trains left with deported Jews. The results of the seminar were summarized in a productive discussion with German colleagues

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