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International Conference “The evidence of War: perspectives and cross-examination and trans-disciplinary” in Caen (France): Memorial and Center of the humanitarian research University.

May 22nd, 2013

May 21-22nd, 2013. Continuing the two thematic days devoted to the study of personal documents (23rd of October, 2012 and 26th of March, 2013), this international conference presented the variety of methodological and disciplinary approaches to the study of the issue: from classical interdisciplinary to the principles of trans-disciplinary research. The ground was set for a clash of opinions and constructive, mutually enriching discussions between researches in different fields of acquiring knowledge, but also general topic of documentary memorials and memories of the Second World War.

The head of the Archive at the Russian Holocaust Center Leonid Terushkin spoke on the topic of “Letters and diaries of Soviet Jewish soldiers during the Second World War: search, study, use”.

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