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“Letters and diaries of the Great Patriotic War” Войны”

June 20th, 2013
On June 20th, on the eve of the Day of Memory and Sorrow, the third edition of the unique documentary “Save my letters…” was presented at the Russian Holocaust Center. It was published within the series “Russian Holocaust Library”. Alexander Minkin, the author of the foreword and journalist at “Moskovski Komsomolets” (his grandfather’s letters, written on the pieces of elm, were also included in the collection), Alla Gerber, the president of the Russian Holocaust Center and member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the collectors – co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center Ilya Altman and the head of the Archive Leonid Terushkin, as well as Vadim Brodsky, and the director general of “Polimed”, which published the book, spoke at the presentation. The collection of letters and diaries continues. Next issue in the series that is being published with the help from the Russian Jewish Congress is scheduled for release on the 70th anniversary of Victory.

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