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Helsinki. Round table on Chiune Sugahara

February 26th, 2013

On February 25-26th in the capital of Finland the Round table on the topic “Documents about the life and deeds of Chiune Sugahara, in the context of the Cold War took place. He was a Righteous among the Nations, Japanese consul in Helsinki, Kaunas, Konigsberg and Bucharest, who adopted Orthodox Christianity at age of 24 in 1936 and worked in the USSR in 1960-1974. Ilya Altman spoke about new documents on Chiune Sugahara, provided by the Archive of Foreign Politics under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Head archivists of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ishida and Dr. Siraisi, as well as Professor Takao from the University of Rikkyo (Tokio).

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