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Lessons of Simon Wiesenthal – international meeting in Tallinn

The international Media-Club “Impressum” organized a meeting in Tallinn on July 27th. The topic of the meeting was the remembrance of Simon Wiesenthal and his work of legal persecuting Nazi-Perpetrators.

 The meeting included the presentation of the Russian version of the book “Anti-Semitism: The Generic of Hatred. Essays in remembrance of Simon Wiesenthal”, which was published by the initiative of the UNESCO. The Co-Chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center, Dr. Ilya Altman contributed Simon Wiesenthal’s historical fairness during his speech in Tallinn.
 Due to that, Ilya Altman talked about the lessons of the Holocaust. He underlined the danger of the repeating of history and the importance of fighting Xenophobia and Racism.
Next to Dr. Ilya Altman, Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel took part in the meeting. He talked about the different working fields of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and about the succeeds of the last years of fighting racist activities in different countries.
Zuroff criticized the position of the Baltic stated, which have not condemned even one single person who had committed crimes during the time of WWII, during the time of there independence. He even criticized the equalizing of the national socialist and the communist regimes, what some politicians of the Baltic States are doing. “This puts the attention away from the collaboration with the Nazis of the people during the time of the war”, did he say.
 The meeting got a lot of attention from the mass media, a lot of reporters listened to the conference in the Tallinn “Olümpia” Hotel.
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