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Discussion club “Unknown Holocaust”: On collaboration

February 28th, 2013

On February 28th the regular meeting of the Discussion club “Unknown Holocaust” took place at the Russian Holocaust Center. It involved the presentations of the books and projects by the military historians Ivan Kovtun (from left to right on the picture) and Dmitriy Zhukov on the Holocaust and collaboration on the Russian territory during the Great Patriotic War. There was a lively discussion on the Russian SS Brigade “Druzhina” under the command of F. Gil-Rodionov. This is a very important publication, given the fact that there have been made attempts in Russia to misrepresent and prettify the story of this formation, to the point that of presenting its commander as a partisan hero and overlooking the crimes committed by Russian SS soldiers against the civilians in Poland, Belarus, on their participation in the mass murder of the Jewish people (particularly Slutsk ghetto), anti-partisan activities carried out by “Druzhina” before joining Soviet partisans in summer of 1943.

The book about the Russian SS brigade “Druzhina” can be found here:,-kovtun-i.---1-ya-russkaya-brigada-ss-druzhina-(vra...

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