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In memory of Marina Solodkina

March 17th, 2013
Marina Solodkina, the member of the Knesset of several terms, a great friend of the Russian Holocaust Center, recently passed away. It happened during the anti-Nazi conference that took place in Riga. Marina was slightly more than 60 years old…
She was a daughter of the former prisoner of the Hmelniksky ghetto (Ukraine), a partisan and soldier of the Great Patriotic War, a representative of the “second generation” – children, who survived Shoah. Till very last minutes she remained the guardian of family roots (she planned to work on the book about her late father’s memories), devoted to the preservation of the Holocaust victims and heroes of opposition.  She constantly kept in touch with the members of Hmelniksky Landsmannschaft in Israel – former prisoners of the ghetto, took part in mourning ceremonies, dedicated to anniversaries of murders of the Jewish people.
We often used to meet in Moscow, her hometown, and in Israel. Last time – in Yad Vashem last summer during the conference dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg. We discussed how to perpetuate the “Righteous among the Nations” in Israel and Russia – Marina Solodkina initiated the Knesset Law on the introduction of the Righteous Day on August 12th, Raoul Wallenberg’s birthday and the meeting of the Knesset, dedicated to his 100th birthday.
Ilya Altman, Gregory Reikhman
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