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The board of directors of the Russian Holocaust Center and Fund “Holocaust” signed the Global Anti-Nazi Charter

June 11th, 2013

The President of the Fund “Holocaust”, and co-chairperson of the Russian Holocaust Center A. Gerber along with co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Center I. Altman signed the Global Anti-Nazi Charter.

The Global Anti-Nazi Charter is an international declaration of fundamental principles of the anti-Nazi activities, based on common objectives and goals to combat racism, xenophobia, radical nationalism, religious hatred and neo-Nazism.

The Global Anti-Nazi Charter calls for humanity to establish the moral, political and legal barriers to the spread of the ideology of hatred, which becomes a fertile ground for the growth of neo-Nazi sentiments that, in turn, can escalate into physical acts of violence to the point of the outbreak of local, regional and world wars.

The Global Anti-Nazi Charter is directed to awake in people the sense of the common responsibility for peace and prosperity in the present and the future. Its goal is the world without Nazism, aggressive nationalism and hatred.

The Global Anti-Nazi Charter, while being the general document of the International Human Rights Movement “World without Nazism”, is designed for the wider dissemination to all people of good will with the purpose to familiarize them with the problem. Charter gives people a chance to speak up on their position regarding this issue and contribute to the fight against the spread of radical nationalist and neo-Nazi ideas…

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