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Paris. The third seminar of the regional coordinators of the Russian Holocaust Center

July 2nd, 2013

The third annual seminar for regional coordinators of the Russian Holocaust Center was held in the capital of France is where. Teachers from nine regions of Russia took part in it. The seminar opened on July 1st at the Museum “Shoah Memorial” in the center of Paris. The Center of Jewish Documentation, a part of the Memorial, celebrated its 70thanniversary. The head of the international programs at the Museum Luke Levi welcomed the Russian teachers. On the first day active debates were caused by the lecture of the famous historian, the editor of “Revue de la Shoah’” (that comes out two times a year), the author of the recent monograph on Jews’ fate in North African countries during the Second World War, Dr. George Bensoussan. Dr. Tal Brutman (University of Grenoble) demonstrated the development of Western historiography about “the Final Solution for the Jewish issue”. He gave definitions of the death camps, concentration camps and places of extermination (the last ones existed mostly on the Soviet territory). Employees of the pedagogical department talked about the methodology of the Museum education, which is more focused on projects, as well as demonstrated the latest training aids of the Memorial de la Shoah. Huge interest was evoked by the tour around the Museum.

Second day of the seminar started with the visit of the Drancy internment camp and continued at the Educational Center in the countryside. The students from Paris as well as from other regions of France actively use new technologies and Museum’s exposition. One of the head employees of the Museum Philipp Bukara told us about France on the eve of the Holocaust.

Third day of the seminar was remembered above all because of a brilliant lecture on political repressions in the USSR given by the leading specialist of France on this topic Nicolas Wert. Valerie Posner presented the topic of the Holocaust reflection in the soviet documentary and feature films. Professor Anni Epelbaum presented her recent book on Soviet literature about the Holocaust. Dr. Alan Blum talked about the methodology of writing the interviews and building the site on the victims of deportations on the eve and after the War. The participants of the seminar eagerly listened to the lectures of less well-known facts about the Armenian genocide in Russia in 1915 and the Tutsis’ tragedy in Rwanda.

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