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Dr. Leonid Terushkin at the Conference in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg in Paris

16 November 2012

The Swedish Embassy, the Swedish Institute in France, and IRICE [Institute of International Relations and European Civilization at the University of Paris (Sarbonne)] organized the conference "Raoul Wallenberg as the Savior of the Jews of Hungary" in order to address the still remaining white spots in Wallenberg's fate.

Dr. Terushkin spoke about the efforts of the Holocaust Center to identify saviors of Jews in the occupied territory of Russia and other connected activities, paying special attention to the situation in Budapest in January 1945 and the analysis of materials from Russian archives.

During the conference, it was agreed to organize another seminar at the Shoah Memorial for Russian teachers from 1-4, 2013, as well as a number of joint conferences by Russian and French colleagues on problems of the Holocaust.



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