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Presentation of Alla Gerber's Book Once and Now at the Moscow Non-Fiction Book Fair

29 November 2012

Alla Gerber's new book was presented by O. Libkin, Director of the publishing house “Text,” critic Lev Anninsky, author of the foreword, and Ilya Altman.

Lev Anninsky stated "... Readers know Alla Gerber by her astute articles, interviews, and presence on radio and TV. Her social temperament is widely known both in her public appearances and in politics. Where is the source of this energy? Alla Gerber's persistent demonstrative, and sometimes challenging, love for life; … a premonition of upcoming troubles which a human being has to be prepared to meet and to sustain at every moment. … 'You cannot choose the time you live in' said the poet, and an unknown wise man, who lived centuries before the poet, taught his people not to be surprised by anything bad but rather to enjoy everything which is good ... "

Libkin, said: "Alla Gerber wrote a wonderful book of memories - for her friends and relatives. But her story seems to be familiar to many people, both known and unknown. The book includes the story of her parents, "Mom and Dad," as well as documents from the case of her father (who had to go through the camp and came back "to live"). It also includes "Recognition" (notes on the book "Sunflower" by Simon Wiesenthal)." Alla Gerber's bright and colorful performance caused a vivid echo and interest, which resulted in a host of questions and autographed book requests.

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