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Holocaust as a Topic at the Congress of Russian Teachers

12 December 2012

At the Second All-Russian Congress of Teachers of History and Social Sciences, held at the Russian Academy of Sciences, participants dealt with the topic of teaching the Holocaust in several plenary and sectional sessions. Tatyana Pasman (Coordinator of Educational Programs of the Center of Civic Education of the Pskov Regional Institute for Advanced Training in Education and Regional Coordinator of the Moscow Holocaust Center in the Pskov region) reported on success in regional and international competitions, research and creative activities, and conferences on the history of the Holocaust. She also stressed the necessity for the improvement of the quality assessment of history teaching in school. As an example, she presented the textbook The Holocaust: A Teacher's View - Methodological Toolkit. A Reader with Contributions of Pedagogues from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, 2nd edition.
The speakers, among them Efim Pivovar, Rector of the RGGU University and member of the Academy of Sciences (RAN), and Evgeny A. Yamburg, Director of a Moscow education center and member of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO), underlined the significance of teaching the Holocaust not only for a better understanding of the history of our country but also for the purpose of coping with a variety of educational tasks.

The congress was organized in cooperation with the Association of Teachers of History and Social Sciences, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Academy of Science.

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