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Russian Teachers Completed Traineeship in the US

11 November 2012

An international seminar on problems of teaching genocide and the Holocaust was held at Rutgers University (New Jersey) with participants from the US, Russia, Finland and Armenia. Prof. Alex Chinton (Rutgers University), Chair of the International Association of Genocide Researchers, lectured on genocide in Cambodia. Prof. I. Altman analyzed the system of teaching the Holocaust in contemporary Russia. Suren Manukyan, Deputy Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum, Yerevan, outlined the significance of the Holocaust and others forms of genocide in the 20th century in the text books for secondary schools in Armenia. Dr. Igor Kotler, President and Acting Director of the Museum of Tolerance (New Jersey), lectured on specific aspects of teaching the Holocaust in the US.

A significant part of the traineeship included visiting museums and research centers dedicated to the learning and teaching of the Holocaust in Washington, D.C. (Holocaust Memorial Museum) and New York (Anne Frank Center and Museum of Tolerance). At the Museum of Tolerance, the group was welcomed by its director, Mark Weizman. The head of the Anne-Frank Center recalled his experience working with younger children, while introducing literature for younger school children. A round table at the Holocaust Museum gave the opportunity for exchanging experiences and discussing perspectives of cooperation among teachers from Russia and the US.

Tatyana Pasman

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